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Highlighters, who knew?

The abh moonchild glow kit is an amazing highlighting palette. I never really got highlighter. It wasn't something that I use nor reached for. Although I do have many highlighters in my collection. Not until I was gifted the moonchild glow kit from abh that I understand the importance and what a good highlighter can actually do. The colors in this Palace are not your typical ones but I think that's what makes it so wonderful. This palette is extremely versatile in that it can be used all over! I sometimes dab a spot in the middle of my eyelid or highlight the inner corner of my eyes to really make them pop. How is the Cupid's bow and definitely on my cheekbones to elongate my face and to allow my cheekbones to shine through. I find this method elongates my face and gives it the elegant look I so desire. Colors being in his unique as they are can help you create a look for really any occasion. This highlighter palette can take you from a day look tonight look with just a flick of the brush.

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