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Not just your classic red... my Holiday Red Lip Collection! 6 faves

My style is classics and new favorites, and my holiday season go-to lippies follow the same rules!
There are some bold classic reds and softer orange hues, glosses and mattes - old favorites and new loves!
Hope it inspires you to create your own collection of Holiday Lip shades! ❤️
Clarins Joli Rouge 742
A glossy red lip that with medium pigment that is extremely easy to apply! 
If you’re going for a look with extra statement, I’d consider coloring your lips in with a liner first (coloring, not lining), as it helps the color stay longer and look more vibrant... 
but that being said--I don’t think I’ve ever had to start out with a lipliner "primer" with the 742 of the Clarins Joli Rouge!
This lipstick is a perfect not-so-subtle, not-so-bold, in-between red, so I love that it can do different things depending on what else you're pairing with it.
Clarins Joli Rouge 742V
This is essentially the matte version of the 742 - the V stands for "velvet" 👄
And while the holidays usually make me want to go glossy with sparkle, I like to use the velvet formula when there's already glitter on my eyes.
There's no such thing as too much glitter, but hey - a girl's gotta have balance, too.
YSL Rouge Pur Couture 13
In a classic (but golden) bullet packaging but sporting a modern red-orange shade that errs more on the side of a light tomato.
This is a great daytime option during the holidays, so you're not screaming “holiday night party” (yet), and it also works as a great transition from November to December because of the oranges of autumn 🍂 
YSL Slim Sheer Matte 101 Rouge Libre
This is the sheerest of the bunch and is fairly pink, but I'm still including it because looks can be deceiving.
From some angles and especially in indoor lighting, this shade will appear red. But in the bright daylight of taking these pictures, it definitely looks much pinker.
In these pics think it's got a kinda gumdrop gingerbread vibe. Not exactly Santa's suit but I still like it for the Holidays - and even beforehand! And after! I just love this one.
(The lipstick itself looks pretty fiery red in the tube, too, so remember that the shade on the stick can be very different from how it applies)
Shade M “Muse” Red Hot 03
In my mind, this is the epitome of a bold red lip.
Bold in pigment, and bold in color, this will steal the show when you wear it.
I’d definitely balance this out with more subdued eye makeup and minimal blush! Let this star have her moment.
Shade M “Muse” Nar 02
Nar 02 is another case of the “looks can be deceiving” mantra.
The tube looks totally red, but when you apply it you definitely can see pink and purple undertones. I'd say it applies on the lips as an intense, deep berry. 
I’d still categorize it in the red lipstick category, however, and will probably wear this post-Christmas heading into January (it's my first holiday season with these Muse shades!)
Nar 02 is a power shade for sure. Maybe I'll use it to power through January's resolutions. 🏋🏽

I hope you found some inspiration with one or a few of these shades for your upcoming holiday makeup looks! Until next time.

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  • Katie

    I love a glossy clear lip for the holidays and any occasion.

  • Pauline

    Shade M Muse Nar 02 looks good! This is my Holiday Lip Shade choice. Thanks for these pics. Very helpful review.

  • Jenna

    Reds are real pretty. Especially the pink and red color. It makes your lips pop and to add more wow I like to add some glitter gloss to give it a dazzling effect. Some can and some can't pull it off. I'm confident to say I can pull it off due to my full lips which makes it even pop more.

  • Sherri Foster

    For the holidays I love a very shiny or very sparkly lip look. I choose a lipstick shade that compliments my eye makeup then add the extra shine or sparkle using a great gloss, typically Pat McGrath or Urban Decay. 👄

  • Amanda Barrett

    My favorite holiday shade is a light pink pinks are my passionate colors to go to for any holiday seasons

  • Sarri Bruck

    I cannot pull off red lips, but my kid can. He has yet to find the shade he has been looking for so I will be showing him these photos. I love the shade of red on lips. I just cannot wear it well lol. I tend to stick with corals or nudes. My lips have a pigment which allows me to pull off the corals, lighter shades and nudes well. I have tried everything from orange to eggplant though. My kid just wears whatever he feels like that day. He has pulled off some crazy color combos on his lips. I enjoy buying him crazy colors in every aspect of makeup because I find enjoyment in seeing how he uses it. My own source of entertainment lol.

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    ❗️Tell us your favorite holiday lip, doesn't have to be red! My favorite holiday lips are actually RED💋 I wear red lips anytime of year, but I especially enjoy bringing out my red shades during the holiday season. They really dress up even the most casual look; so fun, festive, and pretty❣️

  • Patricia

    Beautiful red shades, I have that Clarins shade in matte, and a different shade of red in YSL that is one of my favorites. Well things like glitter eyeshadows Stila comes to mind, and highlighters, a great red lippy like Make Up For Ever True Red, Scrub Souffle in Nutmeg & Sweet Cream by Find Your Happy Place along with a cup of hot cocoa & marshmallows reading a thriller wrapped in a cozy furry blanket puts me in the Christmas spirit, and of course shopping and catching some of the great deals on cosmetics, and skincare builds the holiday season anticipation. Thank you for the inspo, great post! 💋💄

  • Mary

    reds are not my favorite but i'd ry a few

  • Mahvash Farasat

    Seeing christmas lights go up inn my neighbourhood, puts me in the holiday mood. Also wearing Stila glittery shadows and a great hot chocolate are perfect reminders of holiday season. My favourite holiday lip is bright orangey red from Mac called, Lady Danger- it's so pretty and vibrant. A perfect colour for holiday season.

  • Brittany S

    Love the first one! YSL has some of my fav lippies

  • Katie

    Those are some nice reds! The one your wearing in the first picture looks perfect on you!! I love me a nice plum red for the holidays.

  • Lori Testy

    Red is just NOT my color. I look HORRIBLE in red lipstick.

  • Skylar Carney

    Rouge libra and 742 are giving me life

  • Naf

    Wow nice bright red colors! Shimmery eyeshadows and highlighters or glowing moisturizer put me in the holiday mood. My favorite lip product is Buxom lip scrub.

  • Marija

    💚💛 💖💜💙🧡A good quality masks put me in the holiday mood. I would love to try GLAMGLOW. My favorite holiday lip is Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick by YSL. The color is beautiful pink💞. It comes in high polished brass package with YSL written all around the lid. I apply it starting in the center of my upper lip, working to the outer edges, following the contour of my lips. Then I glide it across the entire bottom lip. It instantly hydrates my lips making them smooth. The more I use it, the healthier my lips get because it has 5 oils for 5 benefits: hydration, comfort, ultra-melting, luminosity, and smoothness. It smells like delicious fresh mango. Wearing this lipstick makes me feel glamorous, powerful and ready for anything 💓Please check out my posts, like and comment for some extra coins. Thank you! 💚💛 💖💜💙🧡

  • Nicole Bennett

    Beautiful colors!

  • Jennifer Henning

    Beautify bold. Love these. Great product review.

  • Bonita kasee

    Love that ysl sheer matte!! My favorite lip color, next to natural, my beauty products that put me in holiday mood is my Olay regeneration night mask, it makes my fave feel cool, and. Puts me in the holiday spirit,

  • Jaxgma

    All of these look great with your warm complextion. The only one that might look good on me is the lightest one. My completion is cooler with more blue and pink undertones, I like more peach, pinks and plum lip colors.

  • karen hoffman

    The beauty that puts me in holiday mood is more relaxing. A soothing face mask, lip scrub, lip mask and a hydrating hair mask.

  • karen hoffman

    I love your review and all the reds!!!! I usually go with nudes, but those reds are sooo pretty. Im wanting to try some.

  • Jamie Larimore

    The beauty and lifestyle tips that puts me in the holiday mood are wearing winter clothes, having a spa day at home, and drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream. My favorite holiday lip is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture 13. That color is so pretty and beautiful! These are such great reviews! I would love to rock this red like you girl!

  • Emily Felton

    Those colors are all so pretty!!! Idk which one I like more!! 😂😍💯