Honey Ampoule by Esfolio Cosmetics

The Honey Ampoule by Esfolio Cosmetics is a nourishing and hydrating essence that has so many yummy benefits! You apply this jelly goodness after your toner but before your moisturizer. You wait thoroughly for it to dry completely and then your good to go. It helps to keep your skin hydrated and plump, not only that, it also helps to brighten and tone your skin as well. And if that isn't enough, it also helps to prevent early signs of aging. Don't be afraid that it dries to a yucky sticky consistency because it is the complete opposite! 

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  • Daisy

    Sounds awesome, I've never heard of before but would definitely try it!💜💙

  • sally peabody

    Very nice review ! I am not familiar but is looks very good. Love honey on my skin !

  • Sarah

    Wow this sounds amazing! Where can I find this? How much does it go for? Always on the hunt for great skin care products