How I Shine: My Collection of Clarins Lip Oils

Hi everyone! So if you’ve seen some of my content on here and on Instagram, you’ll definitely know that Clarins has been a long time favorite brand of mine. We did a little lipstick collection of Clarins earlier on PrismPop, but today I’m here to share some of their products that act as skincare and makeup--and those are their fabulous, shiny lip oils!

In order:

- Clarins Lip Oil 08/Blackberry: Since, as a feature, my lips are on the darker side, I’ve always enjoyed playing with deep tones. Wearing a lip oil with a deep, yet fruity tone like this makes for an ultra-feminine and standout lip; well, as standout as a lip oil can get. 
- Clarins Lip Oil 03/Red Berry: Another must-have every woman should add to their collection is a red, right? I have a ton of red lipsticks, but this red lip oil is something I gravitate more towards on days when I’m not in need of heavy makeup but want a little pick me up. It’s a good look for me especially when I have to hop on zoom calls! 
- Clarins x The Kooples Lip Oil Dark Stone: This one was actually limited edition and if I’m not mistaken, it’s out of stock in most places. But if you can get your hands on it somehow, I’d definitely recommend it. I’ve yet to see a lip product that gives off both a black and pink tint!

Hope you guys enjoyed this and found at least one shade that you’d like to use to shine bright soon!


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  • Jennifer Henning

    Lip Comfort Oil has some very cute colors that I like very much. I love that this lip oil helps with transforming your lips from dry and damaged to plump and luscious while providing a protective shield of high-shining color. Definitely a product I'm curious and interested in.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Lip Comfort Oil has some very cute colors that I like very much. I love that this

  • Robin Bell

    Great color for you

  • Noelle

    wow these look amazing, didn't even know they had lip oils! I must try these asap! Thanks for the review 😍

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I love the colors you showed us here and I think I want to try the Blackberry because it has a nicer shade to it although the Red Berry doesn't look bad either.

  • Patricia

    Oh! I love these Clarins Lip Oils, they're my favorite along with Dior Lip Glow Oil, what I love about Dior's is that the color shifts base on your pH, and it's made with Cherry oil a protectant from environmental aggressors since it's a powerful antioxidant. Well as far as exfoliating I do it 2x a week, I tried a mild exfoliatiation before makeup, and my skin looked more even in texture and with a nice glow, but I've never tried a deeper exfoliation before makeup due to possible adverse skin reaction. Thanks for a great review and demo 😍

  • Ja-Nee

    Cute colors. Great review. I exfoliate 2x a week. I typically do it as a night routine. I've never tried it before makeup so I'm not sure how my skin would react. I have 2 favorite glossy lips products. 1st is by Doll 10 LEGEND gloss and 2nd is by L.A. Colors Holographic Lips glosses.

  • Emerald Martinez

    Now I need these!! I love ALL OF THE COLORS!! And you rocked them all!! Awesome post thank you! 🙂💖💖

  • Lonnie Ko

    I usually don't exfoliate my face before putting on makeup, I would only exfoliate about 2-3 times a week to get the dead skin off my face and all over my body. I'm not sure how I feel about exfoliating before putting on makeup though. My current favorite lip gloss is a shade called cherry red from the Lime Crime collection. It's moisturizing enough on my lips but doesn't dry out or get too cakey in half an hour. I haven't heard of lip oils before today, so thank you for explaining it.

  • Kelly K

    Ooo these sound amazing!!! I always enjoy your videos!! Plus you are so pretty and have a gorgeous smile! Anyway, exfoliating before make up is fine as long as you make sure you get all the grit off. However I personally don't like to just because I always seem to leave some of the exfoliate behind lol. Plus I just like to enjoy the cleanliness of my face before putting a bunch of stuff back on. Let it rest a little. 😊 My favorite glossy lip product is Seraphine Berry + Juice in Rose Currant. It smells and tastes amazing! Goes on smooth and glossy (but not too much.) Plus I love the light pink rose shade. I actually like pretty much any lip gloss but that's one of my favorites.

  • katherine wu

    I love the looks of the lip oils! I have never heard of lip oils before today, but I would love to try them!

  • Chastity Westover

    I love these colors and the look of the lip oil. I have tried Hard Candy lip oil and it was not exactly this beautiful but would love to try some other brands as well as Clarins! I feel it is also important to exfoliate/scrub my lips before applying any lip product, it gives my lips a fuller appearance and helps the products adhere better to my lips. Thank you!

  • Erin Taranto

    That Dark Stone!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Lip oils are new for me but love how good they look on you and the colors are actually flattering on you. I have no lip oils currently in collection I have amassed and now I am quite curious ...

  • Prerna Agarwal

    I exfoliate once or twice a week but I don't do it specifically before putting on makeup. I do love Tarte gloss Energy Noir, but I really really want to try the butter gloss by nyx.

  • Pauline

    Recently watched your video post review for lip oil comfort. Clarins is a familiar company to me. I used to know the formal Cosmetic Counter at Macy's whom was Dayton Hudson? Well known now for Isle's of Beauty! Like this suggestion for shiner lip glow! Thanks hope you have a Great Weekend.

  • Rukhsana

    exfoliating before makeup is a great idea because your detoxifying and prepping the skin before your about to coat your face with makeup. prepping the base always shows through makeup, if your base is naturally healthy and nice your makeup will look great on top. i do not have a current favorite lip gloss product as it does not stay on lips for too long but i would like to try the mac clear lip gloss so i can add a dab on any lipstick if im ever in the mood for gloss.

  • natosha miller

    The three are very nice colors, each of them. I think I would honestly love to try the Clarins Lip Oil 03/Red Berry. It has such a nice hue of color and isn't too the extreme, but compliments the lips natural color. I never tried oils for a lip color, but the review you did here really helps me get an idea of how they would come out and appear on the lips. I like that the product mentions you can use it in three different ways. So it can be fun to use one color and have many different looks with the same color. Pretty awesome! Plus the wonderful ingredients in the product make it even better than any typical lip product. I wonder if an oil lip color is under the category of a lipgloss or considered another type of lipstick or no specific category? Anywho, thank you for the awesome review and demonstration of each color applied. ☺♥

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great video and description of your lip glosses Malvika! Presently I have fallen in love with Victoria's Secret Extreme Plumper in Almost Nude! It has a cinnamon flavor and the gloss not only shines, it also makes your lips look more plumper.

  • Holly Mitkowski

    The blackberry sounds very intriguing! I'll need to look and see where it's sold!

  • Charley

    I like any lip gloss or lip oil. I have a really red Clarins lip oil. It is fire engine red, that is why I don't wear it much. I like all these every subtle. I would wear theses daily. I wear more lip gloss than lipstick. I have so many kinds. I like a sparkle with a nice shine in must of my lip glosses.

  • Bonita kasee

    All of them shades are beautiful, but think the one I'd use most is red berry, love it, I found my new favorite is lifter, lip gloss, with hylaronic acid, love the way it goes on and is really glossy, thanks for sharing

  • Katie

    All of those shades were so beautiful on you!! I love shades like these. Especially the “Dark Stone”! That one was my favorite. Reminds me of my Givenchy lipgloss in “black”. I actually made a post about it! I love it!!! Also the Too Faced Rich & Dazzling Lipglosses are AMAZING! Definitely one of my favorites. I have at least half the shades. Definitely recommend🤗.

  • Tiffany

    I love my Haus Lab lip gloss in en riot its the bomb!! Pixi makes a really good lip gloss in shade sheer rose thats awesome too! I exfoliate before makeup if im doing full glam cuz everything lays better cuz dead skin is gone and it sticks.

  • Brooke Wallace

    These look so amazing I love a gloss to give my lips a Lucious luster and shine. I use lip tarte for my favorite gloss now.

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