How I Use SPF in My Skincare & Makeup Routine

I am demonstrating my daily skincare routine and how I incorporate SPF.
☀️First, I wipe my skin with witch hazel using a cotton round, and this helps clean any dirt and oil from your pores, that your cleanser may not have gotten.
☀️Then I apply a pumpkin serum by dermadeli to treat acne inflammation or something to add hydration.
☀️After the serums soak in, I apply a day time moisturizer, usually with SPF 15.
☀️After that moisturizer, I then apply an extra layer of SPF 30 protection with Farmacy’s Green Defense!
It’s important to wear facial sunscreen every day, and this particular sunscreen not only protects your facial skin from the sun but it protects from blue light emitted from your phone, as well! 📱
✨After all other skin products, I apply the sunscreen with my fingertips, creating massage-like motions. Remember to always be gentle with your face and do not apply too much pressure when massaging! 
Let the product absorb into your skin by letting it sit for a minute or two. Then you may continue to apply your foundation!
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