How To Film A Swatch Video! - Eyeshadow Swatches Step by Step

Hi, there! Remember this pretty video swatching shades from the Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Palette?? Watch it here to catch up!
🧠 Well, I'm the brains (and the arm 🀳) behind the piece and I'm just so proud of it that I wanna share all my secrets so you can do one too!
🎨 This should work for any palette but the best results come from fun, bright, shiny pigments, rather than neutrals or mattes. If you just wanna STARE at it, you should SWATCH it! πŸ™Œ
We'll start with What I Used to film....

Just so you know... πŸ“± Pretty much all PrismPop is filmed on smartphones, but that doesn’t mean it lacks quality. Use whatever you can find to make your swatch video POP!

1. The Camera πŸŽ₯ This was shot on my 'nothing special' iPhone 8+ 😏 Settings are 1080p at 60 frames per second. Using 60 instead of 30 or 24 makes it easier to see movement and looks nicer in slo-mo. Make sure to use the BACK camera only!  
2. Tripod / Camera Support πŸ€³ was my boyfriend’s also nothing-special Amazon Essentials tripod (also slightly broken...πŸ˜…) with a phone mount made for tripods by Neewer. Tripods are an essential tool for crisp clean footage. Hands make it shaky, and shaky means blurry! I also use a remote shutter to press record to avoid touching the phone.
3. Backgrounds πŸ§΅ no studio setup here. I am a hoarder of fabrics, and I found the ruby background, a thick vinyl about 4’x6’ which matched nicely with the Ruby Obsessions packaging. Just to make sure, I did a test shoot in front of all the backgrounds I could find. The white background is just crumpled paper that came to me in a shipping box…. πŸ“¦ I used the white for the top frame instead of more ruby because it helped the color pop and it really brightened up the whole video by giving the red something to contrast with.

β˜€οΈ Honorable mention goes to the LIGHT! If I didn’t have direct, full sunlight, this would NOT look nearly as beautiful.
☝️ And a quick note about cleanup - I used a wet rag to wipe off my fingers between swatches. Do not use a makeup remover wipe, or the residue will affect your future swatches. πŸ’‍♀️

Filming for Split Screens
Split screens help you show twice as much information within the video frame and they just look awesome when done really well. Here’s how I made sure all my pieces of footage fit together in the final edit:

1. Picture it FIRST! πŸ™‡‍♀️ Dream it, draft it, draw it out! If this step is skipped you risk cropping out your action with a poorly framed shot.
2. Position your action to fit πŸ–Ό within smaller sections of your frame. Make sure you consider your final aspect ratio! 9:16 will require different framing than 3:4
3. Place the two pieces of footage together βœŒοΈ so that they fill out each other’s empty spots. Match the actions together for massive impact. Editing them together will start to feel like both scenes are the same action - starting on white and seamlessly moving to ruby… even though we shot both scenes separately. That’s Movie Magic! ✨

Editing out everything you don’t need to show

Editing is the best part of filming! 🎞 This is where it all pays off. Regardless of the program, these tips will help you edit your swatch video -

1. Start with the full structure of your video before you start getting specific. Only get specific after adding music - music helps you speed up your pacing and keep cuts timed consistently.
2. Focus on showing only the beginning and end of your swatching action - that’s all we need to see. Cut out the extra fluff. We get the idea!
3. Transition your segments, like how I did here introducing the brushes. Always pay attention to how it feels while you watch it - is something missing? Did you move on without telling the audience? Make sure to communicate clearly, even without dialogue.

Finalizing Everything for PrismPop
PrismPop Content isn’t just done after it’s shot and edited - the description is a hugely important part of the video!

πŸ€” First, I made sure to go over everything I showed in the video, meaning all 9 shades with descriptions of their colors, plus how they performed on both the finger and brush swatches.
πŸ’‍♀️ I was also able to give better opinions of each shade’s performance after editing the video. That’s the only time I got a really good look at it, because during shooting I was not trying to pay attention to anything other than getting the shot.
Once I had all 9 shades properly described and evaluated in text, I could give my personal opinion on the palette within the context of my life… which is that even though I will probably never wear this on my eyes it is absolutely beautiful to look at. ✨😍

In Conclusion...

For someone who's maybe not super excited about going face to face on camera, but still loves sparkly colorful eyeshadow, I loved getting to create this video for PrismPop. It's fun and exciting and I'm very proud of the final result. β˜ΊοΈ
Will you be making a Swatch & Learn anytime soon? Let me know what palette you'd want to swatch in the comments! πŸ’•
~ MK

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  • Kate D.

    Thanks a ton for this extremely detailed and in-depth tutorial on how to take videos of swatches for PrismPop. I'm not going to lie: this article is very, very intimidating to me. Everything just seems soo complicated, even more so than I thought it would be. I understand parts of how to record a finished video the easy that you did, which was a really great video. To me, it looked like a professional video or at least a video made by someone who has a decent amount of experience in video recording, editing, etc. I've never recorded a decent video like this before. I've only made some of the shaky hand, blurry videos that you mentioned. I do have a brand new ring light with a tripod and phone holder. I've never used it before, but I think I can easily figure out how to set that up. Writing a good description won't be a problem, either. I think I will be able to set up some sort of background. Next up are the parts of this tutorial that I find to be confusing, extremely difficult to understand, or both. I'm not sure about the camera settings that you were talking about. That, I may be able to figure out. I think I'm going to have a hard time getting the camera, lighting, and everything else set up perfectly enough to make the video look good. That part seems really difficult. I'm hoping it's not! The most intimidating and completely confusing thing that you wrote about is the entire part about editing. I have absolutely no idea how to edit a video. I am actually reconsidering doing a swatch video for my Melanie Mills tester bag, because it was delivered today, and it's going to take me longer than 7 days to even understand how to edit let alone actually do any editing. I'll have to put the swatch video on the back burner for now until I've tried it out a few times and got enough practice to the point where I feel confident about my abilities to record a proper swatch video. In all honesty, I'm getting older and falling out of touch with technology, unfortunately. I still try, though! :) I'm going to stick to what I know for this tester bag. Hopefully, I'll be chosen for the Touch in Sol tester bag, and I'll be able to do a nice video for that post. It wouldn't be a swatch video, but I'd still need to learn how to properly record a decent video. Thank you again for this amazing tutorial post! It has taught me so much information that I'll need to reread this post at least a few more times to fully soak up all of this knowledge. To answer your questions, no, I do not think I'll be creating a search video anytime in the very near future, but I'm going to practice. The palette that I'd most like to swatch is the Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Palette. It would look so cool, because just as you said, "the best results come from fun, bright, shiny pigments." You're so very right about that!

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