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How to generate and post a video on prismpop!!

Hey everyone! It's Nikki and I am here with pretty much a how 2 demo on how to do video posts on prismpop. First thing I will say is don't get discouraged!!! YOU CAN DO THIS! If you have a phone,computer, video camera etc,with a camera on it, you CAN do it! So I tried to break it down as easy as I could without being extra so I really hope this helps somebody.

1) first off you will need to create your original content.If you watch my videos, I like to do voice overs or just did visual of the product only because sometimes I am shy and my nerves get the best of me and I continuously screw up lol. So once you've recorded what you want make sure its saved.

2) you WILL have to download a video editor from your playstore on your phone or computer so that you can edit your video to fit prismpop standards. They like videos under a minute so shoot for that. I personally found that YouCut video editer worked great and its my personal favorite, but if you have an Iphone or something better than my shitty android phone I am expecting some seriously amazing video editer that you have offered to can always experiment to see which one you prefer better. After you edit your video make sure its saved.

3) go to prismpop and go to your upload a look button and it will give you an option to download a video. Click on that and your files folder will pop up. Find ur video and click on it. You WONT see the video physically until about 30 seconds after you do the final SAVE at the very bottom of the don't worry the file is there. Do your product information and make sure to do the text review along with your video (they love details) when you are all done with everything go to the very bottom of the page and check the box and accept terms and conditions. Click the SAVE button and WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE YOUR VIDEO COME THROUGH! BE PATIENT BECAUSE IT TAKES A MOMENT BUT SOON YOUR VIDEO WILL POP UP AND SAY THAT IT IS UNDER STAFF APPROVAL.



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  • Myshell

    But how did you get that one post with a video and 5 pictures ? I tried doing that with a look but couldn't , I wonder if that was just my phone

  • Christy

    Hey there! I use InShot. It looks really similar to that one, but wondering if you have any experience or comparative advice between programs.

  • Shauna Ruby

    Thank you so much for all the help. I'm new and trying to figure out to do everything the right way. I have a crappy phone as well lol so I might just try your app out. I'll also have to probably ask my 10 year old daughter how to use it lol

  • Gabrielle

    Im definitely coming back to this when i am ready to make a video! Ty!

  • Samantha

    Thank you so much

  • Wade

    Thank you!!

  • Bob

    Thanks will have to give it a try

  • Jennifer Griffiths

    Thanks for the advice! I'm new and slowly learning the ins and outs!

  • Maggie

    I'm also interested to see if it's easier to make the video in the Tik Tok app (they have an amazing camera/editor) and then download the finished video to your phone and upload it to PrismPop! Might make things easier. Make sure everything's LIT too! Beauty loves bright natural light 🥰

  • Carrie Burrus

    I am fairly new as well. And also have a crappy android phone. I am going to go find this app in the play store. Thank You so much this is very helpful.

  • Caroline Cowart

    You seem to have figured this out pretty good. Thanks for the advice, I'm very new and trying to get a strategy going so I will definitely use some of these tips.

  • Leslie

    Thanks for the tips. I'm gonna look into that video app