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How to Look Like a Glossy Boss 101 ✨👄 Daily Giveaway

Comment on Mary Kate and Sciarra’s posts on PrismPop with your general thoughts and your answer to the following question:
What is your favorite way to wear lipgloss? If your not a lip gloss fan, why not?

‼️‼️CLICK TO THE LINKS BELOW, commenting on this post does NOT qualify 😘. Only comments that answer the question qualify:
ModelCo Lip Oil Review - A Super Lightweight Shine - by Mary Kate
First Impression of Winky Lux Lipgloss! Is it sticky?? - by Sciarra

👑Winner will be announced December 4th @ 6pm🍁
Winner from the last giveaway is.....(drum roll) 🥁
Jazzmyne Holden
Congrats and check your coins for your 10,000 💰

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  • Adaria Johnson

    My favorite way to wear clear lip gloss is over my lipstick to kick it up a notch or two

  • Synethia Ennis

    I am a lipgloss girl. I prefer to wear lipgloss over lipsticks. I think lipglosses are low maintenance. I can slap it on and it will still make my makeup look pop. You do not have to be precise with the application. I wear lipgloss with almost all my looks. To elevate the look of the glass and my lips, I will sometimes use a lipliner to line my lips and them put the gloss in the middle. My all time favorite way of wearing lipgloss is to mimic the "just drank cool aid and it stained my lips lip". This is a very effortless look and even if you are not wearing makeup it make you look put together.

  • Nicole Shoquist

    Yay! Lucky lady! Congrats!

  • Shannon citrino

    I love lip glosses to wear on a very light makeup day. Theyve come so far from a wet lip look its unbelievable! My favorite right now is a Sun Bum SPF 30 tinted gloss. It has just enough color to give my lips a lil something extra!



  • Mone john

    Congratulations to the winner.

  • Naf