HP⚡ inspired makeup brushes! A must-have for any Potter fan

I happen to be a huge Harry Potter fan, and I am always looking for that new thing to add to my collection, and I found these beauties on Amazon.com for under $8, and I am in LOVE!

This set came with 5, heavy duty "wand" brushes, that resemble the 5 main characters in the books/movies. We have the wands of, Harry,Ron,Hermione,Dumbledore, and of course Voldemort. (I totally didn't mean to feature that buttholes wand first, it just randomly happened)

The brushes are made of metal, and the brush tips are very soft. I'm pretty sure these brushes are 100% versatile and can be used for all makeup.

Amazon.com has a few other HP styles besides this, but I grabbed these because they were the cheapest, with the best reviews.

Thank you for viewing! What is the coolest set of brushes that you've ever purchaced? Wanna try these? Drop a 😍❤ and comment below to grab some coins! I'll be seeing you soon! ✌

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