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Huda Amethyst & Ruby Obsessions Eye Look

I created this eye look with my two favorite palettes! 🥰 The Huda beauty Ruby Obsessions & 🥰 The Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions palettes. 😛 I absolutely adore these palettes! The shade range is so gorgeous and they go on so buttery smooth! I was just playing around and used multiple shades! I ordered the numbers on the shades I used in the orders. I really enjoy using these palettes because they can be for nice everyday looks or make bright loud looks! They are so versatile and apply so easily. I used my brushes from DUCARE the panda brush set off of amazon! I did a nice review with those on my ig if interested! My ig is @tiahosler! Do you like using Huda beauty products? Do you have a favorite palette and how can I learn to do better on my looks? Give me some tips! Please like this and leave me a comment! Thank you

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