Huda Beauty Demi Matte Lipstick in Color "Day Slayer"

Alright, guys! This is the last product in the Huda Beauty Demi Matte & Cream Lip Set, and it is the Demi Matte lipstick in color "Day Slayer". 
🎀It is slightly lighter than the Liquid Matte lipstick in color "Venus", and a bit less orange. It is a true nude!
🎃I love this color and I already did a few looks with it! I will be using it a lot in the month of October and will try to post some looks on here, for you guys! 
💖I hope you enjoyed the three-video review! 
🥐It is supposed to be more creamy.
🤔Compared to Venus this is sheerer.
💡it is lighter than the matte.
💄I would only apply this when I have a full face of makeup.
🍃After I applied it it was giving my lips a minty sensation will this make my lips a little bit bigger? I won't be mad if it does! 
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For the Lip Contour/Liner click here and for where I use Venus Matte Liquid Lip click here!
Talk to you later, loves!

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  • LYNN


  • Tina rose

    This is a very beautiful color on you it iz very pretty not too dark

  • Michelle Guttman

    This is a gorgeous color. I am a lippie fanatic and I need this color in my collection. It would go great with a lip liner to further highlight your pout. I love liner and lipstick combinations. Its especially great to make lip color stay longer throughout the day.

  • Baanah Jeo

    Nice color.

  • Baanah Jeo

    Nice color.

  • Ashley Hunt

    Absolutely love Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick and liner! They are they perfect nude color for me and an amazing formula. The only color I done really use lip liner with is adventurous colors like plums, blues, stuff like that.

  • mariana reynoso

    love the color!

  • Katie

    That lip looked so pretty on you! Right now, my favorite lip liner and lipstick combo is the Clinique quickliner in the shade “08 Intense Cosmo”, and overtop of that I put on the Clinique lipstick in the shade “13 Love Pop”. Those together give your lips a beautiful intense berry shade. Berry is my favorite kind of lip color. 🍇🍇

  • Brandy

    These luscious lips oh mine dont really do liners but gimme a gushing red lipstick and the heat ie on! 💯❤😚

  • katherine wu

    I don't use lip liner, but I would really like to start using it! My favorite lipstick is Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick!

  • maria

    my favorite combo of lip liner and lipstick is KAT VON D Everlasting Lip Liner (Lolita II - terra cotta nude) + TOO FACED Natural Nudes Lipstick (Birthday Suit - rosy beige) works for almost every look

  • jessica powell

    My favorite lip liner + lipstick combo is It Cosmetics Your Lips But Better Lip liner & It Cosmetics Pillow Lips Lipstick!

  • Sherri Hellums

    Eliza shows how to look beautiful

  • Michelle

    I can never put lip liner on correctly but that looks amazing

  • Yenifer Schalk

    So i’m not a lip liner girl, but I know a good lip liner and lipstick make for fuller and plump lips. I only have worn this look for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties,etc. I love using NYX lipliner, and NYX matte lipstick as a combo for this look!

  • Kymberly Crider

    I like demi mattes alot.i just wish there were more ways to get samples of lipsticks,lip liners,lip glosses to try out to be able to find which ones I like before spending so much money on something that I will not like or use

  • Berna Williams

    I don't really use a liner everytime but whenever I did I like using the liner from urban decay and matched it with my sheer lipstick from il makiage they are so perfect ❤..I'm a fan of nude lipstick and I really like yours,,you look so fab❤ I love it

  • Stephanie Williams

    Nice but I much prefer more color

  • Laura teran

    Love it seems great as a nude lip look

  • Milagros Costilla

    Love the color and yes I would try it.

  • Courtney

    This is great on you, but Huda's lips just get so chalky on me. Wish it worked, I love the pigment so much! To answer the question of the day, I love lipliner because I'm admittedly terrible on my aim. Colourpop makes an affordable liner, and usually pair it with a Lime crime velvetine. I just love Lime Crime, never will quit it.

  • Jessica Balas

    I LOVE the color... it's AWESOME!!!!

  • Dreama

    Yes, it's a little lighter than the matte. I like it, looks great.

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