HUDA Nude Obsessions Medium 👀 Smokey Eye Tutorial

Everyone loves a good nude palette, but HUDA BEAUTY takes it to the next level with this Nude Obsessions palette in Medium. These shades are ultra pigmented, blend like a dream, and can transition from day to night. The only con of this palette was a strong chemical smell after opening...yikes Huda! Besides that, I have no complaints. You can pick this palette up for $29, and experience some mega fall vibes 🍂.

How to Achieve This Look

1) Apply a light shade to the crease of your eye and blend up-and-out towards your eyebrow. This light base will help to create smooth transitions with darker shades.

2) Go in with a slightly darker shade and apply this to your crease. Blend this shade into the lighter shade to create dimension and a smoothe transition. 

3) Use the darkest shade on the outer corner of your top lid. Blend this by using small circular motions. It may help you to use a fluffy brush to blend the outside of the dark shade so it creates a soft, smoky look. I loooved the way the darkest shade blended!

4) Use a flat brush or your finger to apply the copper shimmer to the middle of your lid, and the gold shade to the inner corner of the lid. Use the same gold shade as highlighter for your eye corner. 

5) Go back into that deeper shade with more product to make it "pop" and achieve that smoky look we're looking for. The key is to blend, blend, blend!

6) Use the deep shade for your under your eyes (tight against the lashline) and use a fluffy brush with the lightest shade to add a soft haze and blend out that dark color. Next, mascara or lashes! 

Thank you Prismpop Testers for this Huda Beauty-ful palette 💞 Comment below what kind of look you would create with this palette. What other products would you pair it with? 



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  • Mandie

    You made this gorgeous look look so easy!! No matter what I try i can never get these results

  • Denise Dunn

    Oh i wanna try~!

  • Beth

    Wow!! You make it look so easy. I'm going to try and follow this Wish me luck!!

  • Lilly

    I love the gold colors, and the smoky eye is so pretty! I love the blending and the pigments - this palette seems super worth it!

  • Rita Whirls

    Great review. I love the look. This is one I will have to try.

  • Debbie Barber

    I love the smokey eye look beauty but you have gave it a lift for me. You looking amazing. You show how great the product is and what to do to get the wow out of it and I thank you for that. Step by step if I am so very lucky to get to try I'll have so much fun as you did and hopefully look as beautiful as you with this amazing gift. Thank you

  • Tammy Gower

    I love tutorials, love this color

  • Karen Battko

    TY!! I am going to try again... With the help of your video.

  • Stacy

    I love this look for the fall! Thank you for adding the video with the explanation! I’m still learning techniques and think could probably pull this off by seeing how you did it. Thank you! Great job!

  • Tia kitchens

    Smoky eye looks have always kind of intimidated me but I finally gave it a try on myself and my daughter. The looks really turned out beautiful.

  • Racquel Caton

    This look so beautiful and amazing

  • Sayeri

    Awesome tutorial 😍 thanks for the all the details ... the color looks gorgeous on you and is perfect for falls 🍁

  • B

    Woah! This was a great tutorial. I love nudes, and a palette that has both matte colors that works well with many skintones and glitter is definitely a win for me. This tutorial was super fun. I love watching it come together. The step 4 gold shimmer was such a dramatic change! This would look absolutely amazing and have that hint of exotic Egyptian look with a shockingly black liner. Not to say this wasn't amazing, but that would be a cool way to transition from day to night look. The KVD liquid liner works really well for that. I bet this would also look great with a white glitter like the Anastasia Moon palette if you want to bring it to Christmas holiday ;)

  • Pauline

    The video tape on my end did not play all the way through very well. I do see the technique used to complete your mission. Above board work. Thanks for sharing this posted review.

  • Eileen Sostre

    Great tutorial!! The colors that you used go well together and you make a great eye model! These are beautiful colors.

  • Jen

    Such pretty colors!

  • Tammy

    Beautiful look love every shade looks gorgeous, great video

  • Sindra ~

    The way you did your eyes is great.i just don't have the knack for doing my eyes any thing like that..the colors are beautiful..great job I'm sold..

  • Bre Walker

    Awesome tutorial! This look looks great on you and the colors are so pretty and warm. I must try this palette, it's perfect for the fall season!

  • Tiffany Yuen

    You did such a beautiful job with your video!! 😃💕 The lighting was perfect, the music created a mood, and we could see every detail of your eyeshadow process- it was goals! Wow!! 👏🏻👏🏻🎉🌟 I would definitely create a rose gold look with this palette! Five minutes ago, I learned what a Halo Eye is, so I think I would go for that! 😃 And I would use Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara to amp up the eyes and Cover FX’s Face Perfector Palette for the cheeks! (2 colors- Sublime for blush and Divine to highlight)

  • Leylers

    Thank you for the tutorial - this gives me some great ideas for other palettes. This look is amazing. I'm so excited to see colors that are so rich and vibrant.

  • Alexis Kyle

    This is so stunning. I might need to use this tutorial for another eyeshadow palette since I don't have this one yet, but this looks so awesome.

  • Raivn

    This is a gorgeous look, and I really love that copper shimmer. This is such a fall palette. Your eyeshadow combos remind me of a fall sunset, or leaves in the middle of turning. So pretty.

  • Esther

    Love this content 💯

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