Hydrating Primer

I decided to try this Primer because I was looking for a Primer that was a little more Hydrating. 

Texture: the texutex of this Primer is nice. It's a little sticky and smooth. I like the sticky texture to help grip to your skin. 

Packaging: I think the package is cute. I like the colots. It gives you a feel of summertime . 

Price: this Primer is $32. Not sure if I would pay that much again for this Primer. 

​​​​​​Thoughts: I like this Primer. I think it's good for summertime for my skin type. I like the texture a lot. I think the price is a little high. It works well with makeup as long as you do not layer to many products with it. 

I rate this Primer 4/5. 

Have you tried this Primer yet? 

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    This needs to come in one of my subscription boxes. That would be the best thing ever. Thank you for posting

  • Daisy


  • Melissa Griffith

    I just ordered his online the other day and can't wait to try it out. My dry skin needs all the help it can get. The price is a huge con to his product, whether I love it or not. Thanks for reviewing.

  • Madison

    Always looking for a good primer. I like that this primer is hydrating which is a benefit. The packaging is super cute with the blue swirls. I dont think 32.00 is bad since this is a staple with using makeup. Thanks so much for the review.

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