Hydrogel Masks, hit or miss?

Overview- The Jeju Mineral Lava Sea Water Hydrogel Mask is approximately 25g and is a single-use 2-piece hydrogel mask. Made by the Brand Oh K, a Korean makeup and skincare brand that values quality ingredients, innovate beauty trends, and providing the best experience for customers; this mask contains green tea and prickly pear. the green tea and prickly pear will help to clear and refresh tired dull and skin in need of some TLC. Additionally, the mask is infused with Gotu Kola, Chamomile & Green Tea which ensures your skin will be left hydrated and refreshed.


Not only does it provide your skin with a wave of hydration and rejuvenation it is also a very pretty and practical mask itself. Unlike many sheet masks, this mask will not tear. As a fan of sheet masks, I can't tell you how many masks I've to rip while trying to open them. This mask solves that problem made out of Hydrogel not only is this mask durable but it is so soothing and cooling. Many face masks once heated by your face do not stay cool and refreshing. But this mask stays refreshing. An iridescent green color the mask comes in two separate pieces to ensure easy application.

Quantity and Value

Like all other sheet masks, I have used this one is only a one time use. However, as someone who does not like the feeling of normal masks, I think it is worth it to pay more for a one-time use sheet mask as opposed to a standard face mask. Although you may not get as many uses from a sheet mask I think the experience makes the extra few dollars. However this sheet mask is $8.00 retail which in my humble opinion is a bit pricy-


Overall, I think the results of this mask are great. Once I removed this mask my skin felt so much more hydrated. I do have to say I was hoping the green tea would help decrease the redness in my skin/acne however I did not see any difference in that, unfortunately. However; If you do want a mask for hydration and relaxation this is your mask!



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