I finally tried a Kocostar face mask!

I finally tried a Kocostar face mask. This mask was sort of like a sheet mask. It was unique because instead of a full coverage sheet, it was cut into "slices". I will admit it was a little intimidating when I first opened the pack. It looked like a sticky mess and the slices were stuck to a larger sheet. Sort of like a cut out or a paper doll. The next step was matching the different sized slices to portions of my face. That gave me a headache. I kept applying, removing, and reapplying the slices. I had to get the best face coverage right? In the end, that didn't matter because the actual product wasn't so great. It left my skin with a sticky feel that I eventually had to wash off. I did get a slight moisture boost but it could have been because of the coating the mask left on my face. Long story short, I'm still searching for the right face mask for me.

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  • Daisy

    I haven't tried yet, good review. Thanks for being honest& not just writing what you think manufacturer wants to hear. Your honest opinion is appreciated💖🌹😍🙏