I’m From Fig Cleansing Balm

Out of all the cleasing balms I’ve tried, this one is definitely special! This balm is thicker than other sherbet balm cleansers, which makes it easier to glide across the face to remove makeup/sunscreen. Other sherbet balm cleansers melt into oil in the container even if the temperature in the room is slighter warmer than usual and do not stay in “balm” form, but this one does. The thicker texture also feels more luxurious and breaks down makeup more effectively. I do not have remnants of makeup left on my face and do not have to go in with more product, which I often have to do with other balm cleansers to get rid of stubborn mascara. Now what makes this balm stand out from the rest is the fact it gets even heavier and creamier in texture when you add water to emulsify! It gets heavier right before turning white, thinning out, and emulsifying to rinse off clean.This is one of the the few cleansing balms/oils that rinse off COMPLETELY clean. Most balms/oils leave a little bit of residue that makes a second cleanse necessary. But with this product, you don’t feel like you need to, however I still 2nd cleanse just in case. ⠀ ⠀
The only con is that there is a light fragrance, which I would prefer to not be there as I have sensitive skin. Since it is a wash off product, I do not mind the fragrance as much as I normally would, but I do hope they come out with a fragrance-free version! The fragrance is thankfully pleasant and not overbearing. ⠀

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