I Need Your Opinions!!! 💋

​​​​​​In your own opinions.......What is the best or your go to holy grail NUDE Lipstick! ​​​​​​I love nudes, as most, and have tried products from Tarte all the way to Indie Brand or "No Name" brands to try to find the perfect Nude and the perfect Nudish Red/Brownish Red Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick! I've found some pretty nice ones, some good, some bad, and some worse than bad, (YES, that's possible) but I still haven't found the perfect one. My opinion of perfect would be perfect nude color of course, that's not too drying, not too sticky, last through eating and drinking, transfer resistant, and glides on like a dream! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? Because in the very competitive "Makeup World" we live in, and for some of those price tags we pay for a "good" "high end" "professional brand" product, this should not be impossible! SOall that being said, who thinks they have found or tried this "Dream Lipstick" I am still looking for? And also could you give me info on purchasing, like where and how much and anything else I might need to know about "said" product! And thanks for the help my opinion you can never know enough about makeup and skincare. So the more we share with each other, the better we all can be! So let's support each other and share everything we know! It doesn't always have to be a competition does it??? Thanks for taking time to read my long rant of a post and if you can help with this "lipstick delima"  I'd really appreciate it! And also I don't have many followers cause I'm new here, but my reviews will be just as long and in detail if not more than this post itself, so a follow for a follow would be helpful as well! 

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