I Need Your Opinions!!! 💋

​​​​​​In your own opinions.......What is the best or your go to holy grail NUDE Lipstick! ​​​​​​I love nudes, as most, and have tried products from Tarte all the way to Indie Brand or "No Name" brands to try to find the perfect Nude and the perfect Nudish Red/Brownish Red Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick! I've found some pretty nice ones, some good, some bad, and some worse than bad, (YES, that's possible) but I still haven't found the perfect one. My opinion of perfect would be perfect nude color of course, that's not too drying, not too sticky, last through eating and drinking, transfer resistant, and glides on like a dream! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? Because in the very competitive "Makeup World" we live in, and for some of those price tags we pay for a "good" "high end" "professional brand" product, this should not be impossible! SOall that being said, who thinks they have found or tried this "Dream Lipstick" I am still looking for? And also could you give me info on purchasing, like where and how much and anything else I might need to know about "said" product! And thanks for the help my opinion you can never know enough about makeup and skincare. So the more we share with each other, the better we all can be! So let's support each other and share everything we know! It doesn't always have to be a competition does it??? Thanks for taking time to read my long rant of a post and if you can help with this "lipstick delima"  I'd really appreciate it! And also I don't have many followers cause I'm new here, but my reviews will be just as long and in detail if not more than this post itself, so a follow for a follow would be helpful as well! 

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  • Jaqi Jones

    I love Kylie August Matte it is the perfect shade!

  • Kelly K

    I also love nudes and agree with you. For the price you pay on some of these high end cosmetics, you would think you could find something that checks all those boxes. I'm not sure it exists though. 😭 If you end up finding one please let me know as that would be awesome!!! I'm a lil gloss kind of girl! Thanks for the great post!

  • Jenn

    I'm also looking for the perfect color!! 😊

  • Pauline

    Light pink, lilac shades and red. From light to dark shades for glossing on lips. Well, I am with you. Most of the glosses will be a little sticky. There are some color glosses that are in a ball form at the Dollar store that work better than the tube glosses. They glide on with a tint of color and you can use over your lipstick shade.

  • Bonita kasee

    Awsome post, I just followed you, but I truly dont think there is one out there, lol

  • Tiffaney kerns-bowling

    Honestly I truly like the nude champagne colors...light brown sand taupe....those colors

  • Jacquie Fisher-Wisor

    I'm not positive one actually exists!! It's sooo true about the $ being spent on a "new & better" lipstick, gloss, I've had my favorite for many years it was Maybelline however like my favorite mascara after 30+ yrs of using they discontinued it!! It didn't stay on with eating/drinking however but I believe a lip stain would be best for that requirement of your Best lipstick ever!! It maybe difficult because everyone's different in their opinions on what's best for them I believe if there is just 1 such product out there everyone would be buying it and we both know that's not happening!! Good Luck with your research hunny! Oh I'm following you too!! 😊

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great post! I just followed you. I really liked what you were saying. I like wet 'n' wild lipsticks and glosses. The ones I have are in the nude or brown shades but I can't vouch for how long they stay on. When you find this perfect matte lipstick please let me know.

  • Sabrina

    Every time I see your photo if these I fall more and more in love with them. But i also really love your review. It's informative, funny, fun to read (so colorful) and engaging. This is the best of PrismPop in one post! 💜

  • sally peabody

    I have so many glosses and nudes make up the majority. My favorite is not that long wearing but it goes on with a precision I usually can not find in a gloss and it does not bleed. It is Full Spectrum Covergirl gloss tool in snatched. I do like it very much. It is new for Covergirl. Very different than you would think. On the back it says...."Made in US with foreign parts "....??? lol sounds like a car . That just sounds weird to me but anyway I like it ! This is a great post I enjoyed this


    💕 Love you girl . Your prism pop is so interesting!!! Follow me and I’ll follow you back on IG!! @cakefacebrit dm me when u do on there so I can find you and add u back babe!!!

  • Mandie

    Ohh you can purchase it on their website or at sephora 😊

  • Mandie

    You should definitely try YSL tatouage ink stain!! I love #7 it is the perfect nude!! It glides on effortlessly, doesn't feel dry or cakey, has an amazing applicator that is flat that you can actually line your lips with, and it stays on all day long. It doesnt even feel like you're wearing lipstick at all!! I work 16 hour shifts and only touch up once. It is around $37 but is so worth it to me.

  • Lori Odaniel

    I absolutely love a really thicker light purple gorgeous thanks for sharing.

  • Christy

    Hmm.. I have two answers for this (due to your criteria). As a nude, I prefer Pixi's Sheer rose gloss. It adds just a little bit of color, but brightens my face. If you want something that lasts through eating though, I'd suggest Sephora's liquid lipsticks or CoverGirl's MegaLast sticks!

  • Anna hudson

    Nude in product flower can buy it at Walmart,wasn't very expensive,?

  • Daisy

    I love all the colors💋

  • Stephanie Grant

    Love these colors I have to try this out

  • Sarah

    So my favorite liquid lipsticks are dose of color so many shades it has wonderful coverage and will last all day! I can apply @ 630am and work all day drink coffee eat food and get out @4pm and lipstick is still on giv it a try

  • Brandy

    Never been to into nude shades, but girl rock what YOU LIKE!🥰💯