I think I'm in love!❤

I recieved this in the mail about a week ago(my two favorite ways,FULL SIZE and FREE)!

The box claims it can brighten and soften skin after just one use,and I've used this daily for a week,and have to say,I notice a difference!


Super easy to use,apply a dropper full to clean skin and let it sit for 1-3 minutes! I have sensitive skin and 3 minutes was too much and began to burn,so i suggest experimenting to see what's right for you!


I really love that as opposed to other exfoliants I've used,there is no need to pull and be rough with skin for it to be effective!

I'm pleasantly surprised with results do far..my senior skin is definitely softer and I have less acne and clogged pores!

I'm very excited to see what Refresh And I accomplish skin wise this coming year,but so far,so great!

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  • Serena

    Lol those are my 2 favorite ways also! Great 👍🏼 post, you totally covered my sensitive skin concern and why this product stands out!⭐️

  • Kate D.

    This looks awesome! It also looks really familiar. I'm trying to think of where I've seen it. I get a lot of free products to test, and I'm pretty sure I saw that I'm getting it on a website the other day. Do you mind me asking where you got it from? I want to say Pinchme.com, but I'm not positive. Wherever I saw it, i really do hope that I'm going to be receiving this product! My pores definitely need help. I'm glad that it helped yours!! I wonder if it will help mine, too. Fingers crossed!

  • Susan Cain

    Congrats Denise for such an awesome catch👑 Don't ya just love those full size samples...of course they're my favorites also💐

  • Sam west

    Great post

  • Anna hudson

    Nice wanna try.

  • lintu

    Thanks for review. The packaging looks super cute. At first I thought it was orange juice! 😃 Now I want to try this


    Uhmmm! Need! ❤️

  • sally peabody

    I am very interested in using this product. We just saw another review on the daily give away not too long ago. Your review is great and makes me more eager. I like facial peels and this sounds like it works with no worry of skin damage. Thank you ! Very nice

  • Amanda Lingle

    I have seen a couple reviews of this product and with all the positive reactions I am wanting to try this one so bad. I get clogged pores and acne quite a bit even at my age and so Im really wanting to see if this works for my skin.

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