🎈🎉I was Picked for the Color Club!! 🎉🎈

I was one of the 100 chosen ðŸŽ to review the 5 Color Club Nail Lacquers through PrismPop ðŸĪ—. I was also 1 of the 15 that received their nail lacquers in a Holographic bag 👝. Before starting, I fixed up my cuticles with coconut oil, filed my nails, then washed my hands to make sure they were really clean and free of any oils. 🙌

I've never reviewed a product(s) before so I'm gonna take a deep breath and here we go ðŸĪ­:

1ïļâƒĢ ðŸ‘ŧ Cobbler, Gobbler ðŸ‘ŧ - I picked this 1 first because out of the 5, this one was the brig0htest and it "popped" a bright neon orange. The first coat went on really watery and left streaks. When I put the second coat on, it turned gooey and left thick spots on my nails ðŸ˜•. PRO: it was easy to take off and didn't stain around the nail like I thought it would ðŸ™‚. I would have to say I really didn't care for this shade. ðŸ‘Ž

2ïļâƒĢ Martian ðŸ‘―, Martian ðŸ‘―, Martian ðŸ‘―- This was a pretty leafy green color and Iwas surprised that I liked it when I put it on. It made me want to go and buy a green accessory because I don't own anything green ðŸĪŠ. Even mom liked it and wanted to borrow it! PRO: Only needed one coat. CON: It was gooey going on so you have to make sure you don't have a lot on the brush. It also took longer than the other 4 to remove and even stained around my nailbeds. ðŸ‘

3ïļâƒĢ Yes, Of Quartz ðŸ’Ž - This one is a shimmery white color and I have to admit, was my favorite âĪïļ. I noticed, though, that when I was taking the pic of my hand with this color, that there were some hues of pink ðŸŒ· and yellow ðŸŒŧ when you moved your hands back and forth. I thought that was cool and could wear many accessories with this color if you are the type that matches your nail color with something you have on. I did have to wear two coats. CON: Difficult to completely take off my fingernails. ðŸ‘

4ïļâƒĢ Matte-erial Girl 👧 - This is an interesting color. It looks a matte brown in the bottle but once you put it on, there were some hues of green and pink in the sun. It took 2 coats to cover my nail and it dried fast. I have to admit that this was another one I didn't care for because of the matte color. I put on a layer of top coat and that shinied it up a little but you could still tell it was kinda matte. PRO: Dries fast and easy to remove.👎

5ïļâƒĢ Feeling Under the Weather ðŸŒˆðŸŒĨïļ - This is a beautiful pastel blue that made me imagine myself lying on the grass and watching the clouds pass over the warm sun. PRO: It dried quickly and it came off easily. CON: Watery and had to use two coats. This was my second favorite color âĪïļ.👍

So in summary, i liked 3 of the 5 colors, I had to use two coats on most of them, most of them dried quickly, and they lasted a while without chipping. Especially after washing dishes! For a low cost of $5, this is a bargain and worth every penny. 

Happy Color Clubbing!!!

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