I Wore Glossier's New Cloud Paint, a Stranger Told Me I Should Model

In the summer, you can catch me wearing low-key makeup. The sweltering heat forces me to adopt a rather chill makeup routine that doesn't require a ton of upkeep. This is why I've been an OG fan of Glossier's Cloud Paint since its inception. Something about tapping this creamy, gel-based blush on wherever I see fit and the way it blends into my skin so smoothly has always had me hooked. Plus, it has a buildable coverage so I amp it up or keep it toned down depending on how I feel. As you can imagine, I was excited to try the two new shades the brand added to its lineup: Dawn and Storm.

Dawn is a golden, coral shade that reminds me of the sunset. The brand says it best: "a sunny coral that looks really fresh right on the tops of the cheeks, like you spent the afternoon napping on a boat." Um, goals. Well, I wasn't on a boat while taking this picture, but I sure did feel mighty fine. It's made with collagen, which has a slight plumping effect, and I was into how seamless it looked on my skin. 

Cloud Paint: Dawn

Here's what it looks like in different lighting. No lie, when I was wearing this, a stranger stopped me on the elevator on my way back to the office and told me I should model. I think that's a telltale sign it suits me.

Next up, I tried Storm, which is more of a rosy hue that "leaves a flushed-from-the-cold" look on your cheeks. 

Cloud Paint: Storm

Whenever I work out, I love the flushed look my cheeks have. This shade delivered a more cleaned-up version of that look, aka I will be earing this all summer. I loved it so much that I dabbed a bit of it on my lips for that just-been-kissed effect. 

Now that you've seen my best attempt to be a Glossier model (which indeed did garner me a major compliment), on to the real models wearing each shade. What I love the most about these two hues is how universally flattering they are on all skin tones. Here's proof that this is one of Glossier's most shade-inclusive launches yet. Bravo to the brand. 

This is what Dawn looks like on an array of gorgeous complexions: 

And here's how stunning Storm looks: 

This is just a sampling of skin tones. You can search the hashtag and handle on Instagram to see how these hues miraculously work on women with skin tones down the spectrum. 

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