Look lancome grandiose mascara review wand

is it really so grandoise?

the tube is super classy black that goes clear at the top with the image of a flower the bottom is kind of bulbous so not as easy for easy for traveling like with a regular mascara tube but i feel the general look of the container makes up for it i used this for a few months before i switched to better than sex i always do my mascara last i dip the brush multiple times in the tube personally prefer to wipe it on one of the sides so there isnt an excess of the material on the wand and brush swiping from root to tip of my lashes my rule of thumb is to do 2 applications on each set of eyelashes sadly the tube only lasted for about a month and a half before it dried out. And applicator wise it was a pain to use i couldnt figure out why it was angled it didnt have any affect or make it any easier to actually use though it did cause my hand to cramp while try to figure it out now texture wise it looks well like a wet cream it didnt particularly look any different than another other mascara now feel wise i have to say unfortunately it doesnt layer very well before it becomes cakey and it cant withstand any kind of humidity it was practically melting off my face so for basic wear sure but i dont really plan on going back to this at any point

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