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Is Your Go-to Product Your Favorite?? 🤩PrismPop Product Giveaway

Today's Giveaway: Win a Microfiber Velvet Mini Sponge from Juno & Co !
Comment on these PrismPop posts with your general thoughts and your answer to the following question:
🧐 If you could only keep one of everything in your makeup routine, what would the products be? (i.e. 1 foundation, 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 highlighter, etc)
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➡️Tarte Heavy Hitters: SHAPE TAPE TEAM!? by BMarsz
➡️ My Style - Get Ready with me! by Zhangsta Ang

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  • Shannon


  • Jennie


  • Jennie

    Must have lip gloss & Masscarea

  • Rose Guttillo

    Mascara and lipstick.

  • Michelle McCray

    Eye shadow palette & 24 hour lipstick.. Love it

  • Y-D-O-J

    Mascara and Mac powder foundation

  • angela

    I love a great highlighter and then a glossy lip gloss🥰

  • Charley

    I love my Tarte Shape tape foundation and Tarte contour palette with different shades of contour and highlighter that I love. A good Urban Decay eyeshadow palette would do the trick if I had to pick only one. I could live with just these three but I like a have options with my makeup like every woman. You can not just have one of everything.

  • Brittany_bn09

    My would be all Tarte products!! Primer - Tarte Quench hydrating primer, foundation - Tarte Clay foundation, concealer - Tarte Shape, mascara - Tarte Lights,Camera, Lashes, liner - Tarte double take eyeliner, highlight - Tarte "Exposed", blush - Tarte "Exposed", lipstick - Tarte Double Duty lip sculptor lipstick in "VIP" and Tarte eyeshadow in from the Rainforest of the Sea collection volume 3. Setting spray - Urban Decay All Nighter

  • Jen

    This is hard. The only thing I'm really picky about is my eyeliner. It has to be Revlon black. Basically everything else is interchangeable.


    my eyeshadow

  • Elizabeth Driever

    This is a tough one! I love to experiment with makeup and skin care so it’s difficult to nail it down to one item but here goes: If I had to wear only ONE item for the rest of my life it would be Maybelline Brow Define & Fill Duo in Auburn. As I’ve aged my eyebrows have become sparse (do👏🏻not👏🏻overpluck! You will regret it when you’re older) It’s super inexpensive and goes on natural and effectively and the powder side helps to fill in nicely. A good eyebrow helps define and fill out your face and can make or break a look. EYELINER- Benefit Roller Liner (black) it’s a smooth application that goes on smooth and is easy to make wings. EYE SHADOW-Sephora brand liquid eyeshadow. I have been getting into liquid eye shadows lately because they give you such a vibrant color! It’s easy to apply and you can build up the color and add powdered eye shadow ontop to give more depth if you want. LIPSTICK- this is probably the hardest one for me because there is so much variety and I like to change it up more than anything else. I generally like matte lip stains the best but Nyx Matte Lipstick I’m ‘Whipped Caviar’ is my favorite color in a regular lipstick. I am very pale and have red undertones to my skin tone so have difficulties wearing red lip sticks and tend to gravitate to nudes and mauve kind of colors. This is a beautiful and natural color that makes my lips look plump and defined. PERFUME-Juliette Has A Gun ‘Not A Perfume’. It’s clean, fresh and makes me feel like I just ran through a meadow or got warm clothes out of the dryer. SETTING SPRAY - It Better For Your Skin Setting Spray. It’s got a lovely scent and doesn’t dry out your skin like some do. It has hyaluronic acid in it so it moisturizes and can be used if you just need a little moisture or freshening up. It dries quickly and doesn’t make any makeup bleed. FOUNDATION - Shiseido Synchro Skin Refreshing Cushion Compact. It gives me a dewy complexion that looks refreshed and covers evenly. I’m beginning to love K beauty products more and more every day. SETTING POWDER - Laura Mercier Translucent Face Setting Powder. It gives a finishing coverage that looks natural. HIGHLIGHTER/CONTOUR- Ciate Dewy Stick. I’m very pale so I don’t do much contouring and highlighting. It kind of intimidates me to be honest! And because of my complexion it tends to look too dark and unnatural. So I stick with Ciate Dewy Stick to give me a little extra glow on my cheek and brow bones and the tip of my nose for a youthful look. EYE CREAM - La Mer The Eye Concentrate. It gets rid of the dark circles I get under my eyes. I wake up and look refreshed each and every time. FACE WASH- the Ordinary Azeliac Acid Suspension. I’ve had hyperpigmentation and rosacea for about 10 years. It’s been the biggest overriding problem with my skin until I found this inexpensive product. It’s been a lifesaver and within a matter of days I saw my skin clearing up and redness decreasing. Its the best product I’ve probably ever used and has had the most positive effect on me. FACIAL SERUM- this is the hardest one for me to nail down to one because there are so many that work nicely! But I’ve been digging Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Essence. It’s a clean product made with the antioxidant properties of red wine and includes Niacinamide to help brighten and lighten dark age spots and redness. It is pricy but worth every penny. MOISTURIZER-Caudalie Vinoperfect Instant Brightening Moisturizer. Same as the facial serum; it helps to aid in cell renewal, antioxidant benefits and brightens my skin while leaving it moisturized. I’m sure there are a few things other things I would choose but these are the things I reach for right now and wouldn’t want to live without. I’m big on believing that skin care should be the utmost important thing to focus money on. I think every woman (men too, for that matter!) should spend their money on products that work for their specific skin concerns. Your face is what you present to the world and needs to be treated accordingly.

  • Lori

    I'd keep one of everything lol primer, foundation, setting powder, concealer, eyeshadow pallet,blush, highlighter etc

  • Sharron Janette Neace

    As far as foundation id go with my ulta brand foundation...its full coverage and thick and takes layering very well...i wont even do my face without it..how i apply is i use my porefessional primer..then i apply my ulta brand foundation...then i top with a darker colored matte cg foundation..be ause my ulta brand is a little light for my skin tone....

  • Leslie White

    Mascara and face serum

  • Jeni Wilkes

    Mascara, If I don’t have that you can’t even tell that I have eyelashes and I don’t feel confident without it so it is my must-have

  • Melissa Darlene Birri

    I need mascara ! And lip stick, you can use it as blush and eyeshadow and lips if your in a pinch. But if I could only choose one it would definitely be mascara

  • jackie

    I would keep mascara , eye shadow, blush and lip stick, your 4 basics , you can do a few amazing things with just the 4

  • Amanda Puckett

    If I could only keep one it would be IT Superhero Mascara. If I could keep 2 it’d be my benefit no poreblem primer. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kimberly

    My staple products would be my primer, foundation/bb cream, mascara, highlighter, and lip moistirizer/gloss.

  • Berna Williams

    I will keep foundation 💯✔

  • Stephanie Esparza

    I couldn't go without a concealer as I have dark circles, and it makes me appear older.

  • Desiree Krajewski

    Even when I'm super lazy and don't want to do full makeup I never go anywhere without eyeliner. But also now since I cant tan I need a little bronzer too for a sun kissed glow.

  • Lourdes Sisniega

    If I could only keep one thing of everything.... I would definitely have to keep my mascara, foundation and lip gloss on my make up routine.💞💄

  • Wendy card

    Mascara.eye shadow. Eye liner. That's all!