Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water!

Packaging: pretty color and truly resembles water. I had "medium" as my skin tans easily. 
Scent: very light but still smelled like self tanner once dried

Use: **BE SURE TO EXFOLIATE, PLACE A LOTION BASEBON ALL ROUGH SKIN AREAS LIKE ANKLES, ELBOWS AND KNEES** easy to use with a pump, spray on mit and NOT your actual skin or it'll be blotchy

Rating: 3/5 because I didn't like the smell and I was still blotchy in areas including arms and my feet and it looked "dirty"


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  • sally peabody

    I use self tanners a lot ! I have tried them all and over the years I have found they have gotten much better with that smell. If it works well then I will simply sleep with it and shower in the morning but I know what you are talking about and yucky. I was hoping that this would be a winner but does not sound like it. I see that you sprayed it on the mitt and rubbed it in. It is a pump and water based so that just does not seem like it would blend evenly at all. I am so happy I saw this review Thank you ! It is a new idea and I probably would have given it a shot.