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It's Gleam Time!

When I found out that I'd been chosen to review the Melanie Mills Hollywood tester bag, I was absolutely thrilled! I'd seen a few of the early reviews, and the 6 highlighters looked so pretty. I didn't have to wait long for my bag to come in the mail.

Upon opening my package, I was greeted by a lovely holographic, resealable bag filled with an informational insert card and a sheer pink gift bag containing the most beautiful samples of highlighters that I've ever seen.

Each of the highlighters came in the cutest little containers with a white lid that read, "Gleam Body Radiance" at the top, the Melanie Mills Hollywood URL at the bottom, and a big MMH atop a pink star. On the bottom of the sample containers is the name of each highlighter atop a pink star, which couldn't be cuter!

The names of the 6 highlighters are, in order from the lightest to the darkest shade, Opalescence, Peach Deluxe, Disco Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold, and Deep Gold.

▪︎Opalescence - This shade it's my favorite. I'm extremely pale, fair-skinned, or what you prefer to call it. Highlighters tend to make me look extremely glittery and shiny. It's not a good look. This color's Shine Factor was pretty low, and it looked pretty subtle. I liked it. It can be put under makeup to give just a nice little glow to fair skin.

▪︎Peach Deluxe - This color was also pretty mild for the faint of heart - Me. It's a lighter pink with a pretty decent shine to it. I could see myself wearing a tiny bit of this, really blended out, under my foundation.

▪︎Disco Gold - This is where it begins to get too dark for my skintone. It is very pretty, regardless. It's a very nice, coppery light gold shimmery shade. If I had darker skin, I'd wear this shade in a second.

▪︎Rose Gold - This shade is also too dark from me, but it's an extremely pretty color. It's a light pink rose color that has gold shimmer mixed throughout. It's definitely called Rose Gold for a reason. It's absolutely gorgeous!

▪︎Bronze Gold - This shade is pretty darn dark. You need to have fairly dark skin to pull off this shade. It's a darker bronze-ish gold color. It's very pretty.

▪︎Deep Gold - This color is an absolute no for me, personally. It's a very deep, dark color with a dark gold tint to it. This shade is best suited for those with dark skin tones.

Maybe it's just me, but I think the highlights smell pretty good. Upon opening the highlighters, I was greeted by a light but lovely vanilla-ish scent. It wasn't overpowering, so it was a nice little extra.

The highlighters have such a creamy and fluffy texture! I don't usually like cream highlighters, but I really like the formula for these! They go on super smooth and feel surprisingly light on your skin. They're very refreshing to wear.

I'm not really into highlighters, so to be honest, I probably won't be buying these in the future. The amount in the samples could probably last me years!

For a highlighter, these Melanie Mills Hollywood babies are the bee's knees. The cream formula of the moisturizing highlighter goes on your skin softly and smoothly. You forget you've even applied it after a while. I think that the best thing about these highlighters is that they aren't loaded with chunks of glitter. It's just very luminous ABC's shiny liquid makeup. It's exactly what a highlighter should always be! I'd highly recommend these to anyone that likes to wear highlighter or just needs a little extra glow!

Do you like to wear highlighter? If so, what is your ultimate favorite highlighter? If not, then why don't you like highlighter? Let's talk GLOW, beauties! ❤🌟


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  • Jaqi Jones

    Thanks for reviewing those colors I think I definitely would like to try the Opalesence❤️

  • Susan Cain

    Pam, you did a wonderful job explaining each shade in great detail! I have a hard time choosing my favorite shade of highlighter from the Melanie Mills Hollywood products in the tester bag. Congrats on receiving what is a fabulous PrismPop tester bag😊

  • Barbie Steele

    This product sure are helpful with creating certain looks.

  • Kate D.

    I can't wait until my next post! I now know the mistakes I've been making, and I can correct them! I would have definitely used bold font in areas to make the post stand out, and I'd work on the spacing. My lighting and camera are much better now, so my photos will look great and waaay better than these! I can do so much better now, and I cannot wait to show off my growth in my next post (hopefully the next tester bag)!

  • Bonita kasee

    I just got these, and your right I'm in love with the highlighter, my fav, is deep gold, bc I spend alot of time in sun, so from now on I'll use highlighter!! I love that there is a shade for everyone skin tone!! Thanks for sharing this