It's MASKING TIME! - For Combination Acne Prone Skin #glowmask

Masking For Combination Acne Prone Skin
Okay, so at this point, we are all used to wearing Protective Face Masks and we're no strangers to 'Maskne'. I'm pretty sure we all have had to change our skincare regimens or at least add to them so we can rangle the problem before it starts. (if you haven't, you've been lucky!) 

I have put together a nice set of Sleeping Masks that I like to use when I'm having a Maskne Breakout. Here is my experience....
Combination Acne Prone Skin Sleeping Mask Regimen
On nights that I use this regimen, I don't use any other products. I don't use Oils or Serums. I like to Double Wash my face, pat dry and then begin this regimen.

Step 1.
Hey Honey Look Into My Eyes Retinol & Propolis Mask
(Great For Tired, Puffy Eyes with Dark Circles)
This Eye Mask has so many great qualities! It's super Hydrating.(which makes it great for really dry skin) It reduces my Dark Circles and Puffiness and seems to aid in smoothing fine lines. I've seen results after one use!
After washing my face I used a Dime Sized amount of this Eye Mask. I rub the Dime Sized amound between two fingers and apply it to both Eyes. 
Step 2.
Sunday Riley Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask (Works Wonders on Maskne & Preventing Maskne)
Okay, this Mask recommends you wash it off after it dries BUT I like to apply a small amount of it and leave it on over night. It reduces the redness, swelling and appearance of Pimples when I get them around my mouth.
I apply a very small amount around my mouth, nose and chin. Oh and around my Lip Rings. I tend to get Pimples around my Lip Rings so this Mask helps a lot with that.
Step 3.
Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask
(Great For Dry, Sun Damaged Skin & Maskne)
This Sleeping Mask is my absolute favorite right now! It is super Hydrating. My skin glows when I wake up the next morning after wearing it all night. It has started to lighten my Sun Spots as well which is my favorite part about it.
I apply a Dime Sized amount to my Forehead, rubbing in upward circular motions. I apply another Dime Sized clump to my Nose, Cheeks and under my Eyes. With the same upward circular motions.
Step 4.
Avant 8 Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask
(Great For Tired, Dull, Dry Skin)
This Sleeping Mask is CRAZY expensive BUT definitely worth it. It is super moisturizing. It hydrates and plumps my skin over night so I wake up with healthier looking skin. It has a light lovely scent to it. Plus it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or oily all night.
I use a Nickle Sized amount. I rub it between my fingers, then pat or rub it in in circular upward motions. If my skin is extra dry that night, I add more after rubbing the first amount in.
So, after that, sometimes I'll use my Jade Rollers to press in the leftover product. I also like to use a Lip Sleeping Mask as well but that is for another post.
There you have it! My favorite Masks! Sleeping Mask Regimen! I definitely recommend this Regimen for anyone suffering from Acne or Maskne. It's great for Dry Skin & the cold Fall Weather! Thank you for reading!

- What product do you like the most?
- Have you ever tried any of these products?
- Do you have any suggestions for Preventing Maskne? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time Lovelies.......

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  • Kelly


  • Laura

    Thanks for sharing! I love glow recipe and Sunday Riley products!

  • Brittany S

    Yes Glow Recipe avocado sleeping mask is the best. I never tried the Sunday Riley mask but have been meaning to. Another great one you should try if you haven’t is an Australian clay mask I can’t remember the brand for certain right now hmmm maybe pink sands or sky. Check it out!

  • Rita Whirls

    Nice video review. All the information will help. I want to try this. Thanks.

  • Tiffany Yuen

    This is the 2nd time I’ve heard amazing things about the Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask! 🥑 I’ll have to check it out sometime!! I’m not sure how to prevent maskne, but I know of a couple of things that can help clear it up! (1) Differin’ Adapalene Gel- an over the counter retinoid used to treat pimples! It’s amazing and a little bit goes a long way! (2) A 100% cotton towel and warm water compress for areas of the face that have pimples. I’ve noticed that this seems to help shrink pimples! The 100% cotton cloth and warm water method is also good to make swollen, tired eyes get back to normal!

  • Ashley Dix

    I have the SAME skin type. I also have all the same skin masks. I love all of those!!!

  • Mary

    good showing of how the different products work on different sections of face. not currently doing any masks at the moment

  • Mariangel Carmona

    I have maskne but right now I don't have an specific routine for treating it but double cleanse, tone, and when I have to use a mask I don't wear makeup under it, I don't even use sunscreen or moisturizer because no matter what I always get blemishes if I apply any of those things. I know it's not right but it's the only thing that actually helps me.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great post on these products.

  • Jen

    I haven't used any of these before, but they all look great!

  • Sayeri

    Great video reviews of all the products ! 👏🏼 I have not tried any of these products but they look promising and retinol is ofcourse great for so many reasons and I am not sure which one to choose as a beginner 😅.. For preventing maskne its very important to keep our face clean 🧼 and avoid any oily products while wearing a mask! A translucent powder helps by soaking excess while and keeping skin looking fresh 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Pauline

    Good video and taking the time to show us each products to use to keep looking great. Good review and well written. Lots to read about Avocado Sleeping Mask and treatment mask. Thanks for your video.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Quite a lot of masks. They all sound like they are doing a great job. I am not real familiar with brand names like most of you girls but these all sound pretty good to me. Thanks for sharing 😉.

  • Shawna lee

    I’ve really been wanting to try that sulfur mask by Sunday Riley! If you say it works great then maybe I’ll get it 😌 I get rewards at my work, meaning I get points and I can use them to buy from our catalog. There’s tons of Sunday Riley products in it. Great review love. I love your reviews 😌💖

  • Brenda Hubbard

    I love the detailed experience you have shared with all of us. I think you have given me enough information to make the right choice of what will work for me. Thank you. I can't wait to try out your choices.

  • Sarri Bruck

    I have not tried any of these. They all sound like they would be good for either my son or myself. I think I might try the Avant 8 hour Radiance renewal mask tho. It sounds like it might help with a lot of the issues I have. However, the Sunday Riley Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask would be the one my son would need (if I could ever get him to follow a treatment plan lol). The problem is he got so burnt out on long regimens, he refuses to do them anymore. Maybe I will get him a small tube for a stocking stuffer

  • Beth

    That is so smart using more than one product. I only use something for my undereyes and then the rest of my face. I'm definitely going to switch it up now. Plus I can use my roller when I'm done. Great tip!! Thanks

  • Alotta Reviews

    Lovely post! My skin is a combo of oily & dry. Leaning much more on dry! Night masks are my MUST HAVES!!! ❤❤❤

  • anamishublog

    my skin is also combo and acne prone. i recently used a spot treatment with salicylic acid from ORIGINS. It doesnt work overnight, but works after applying it for 3-4 days straight and the bump will shrink, no scars

  • Emma

    Great routine! I appreciated all of the different products used and all of the information you provided! I've been using the Glow Recipe Avocado mask recently and I'm loving it.

  • Midnight Moon

    Great Routine! In depth and lots of great information! Thanks, I really liked this! I have combination and acne prone skin as well! I know how it is girl! lol

  • Tiffany

    Your regimen sounds great, I have a few of the same items just don't use in that combination. I like cleansing with Murad acne control cleanser, toning with Marmonde rose water, Murad eye serum with retinol, and finishing with Sunday Riley Luna and Good Genes.

  • Lilly

    I love eye masks, face masks, sleeping masks, and lip masks! They are so nourishing and a great treat for the skin! I've heard many good things about glow recipe's avocado mask, and I've been meaning to buy it for some time now! I use verse's the fix emergency eye mask, and laneige's lip sleeping mask!

  • Rukhsana

    the avocado cream sounds interesting i would love to see how much moisture it adds on my skin without feeling greasy.

  • Prerna Agarwal

    My younger sister suffers from a lot of acne. I will definitely take some of these products for her the next time I visit home!