John Frieda Volume Lift Hairspray

John Frieda kindly sent me their new Volume Lift Hair Spray in exchange for my honest review.  

This hairspray is formulated with Airsilk Technology which provides increased hold and flexibility. Claims to be an ultra-fine mist that holds volume in place without weighing hair down. The packaging is really nice, it's a beautiful light blue-teal and has a matte feel to the can. 

I have been testing out this hairspray for a while now, and I have finally gathered my thoughts. 

This hairspray does give great hold and works well at keeping my bangs in place and holding shape. It gives my hair extra volume which is a major plus, because I love teasing my hair and have lots of choppy layers. I do have thin, flat hair so I'm always looking for a product that gives my hair that extra oomf, and added lift. It also smells really nice, but that's where the pros end for me.. It is kind of a heavy spray and not as lightweight as I usually like, nor as lightweight as I was expecting. Since it is sort of heavy, it can make your hair fall flat after a while but it is easy to lift it back up with your hands alone. It can leave a mild sticky residue if you're not careful, and it can make your hair stiff. I do enjoy using it for added volume and strong hold, so I will continue using for that. It just takes some getting used to. My favorite is still Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hairspray.

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