Softest Beauty Sponge I have EVER used!

Hi everyone Bmarsz here with my first video to my PrismPop account where I try the Microfiber Velvet Sponge by Juno & Co for the first time!
☁️Its really soft and the texture makes it even softer
🌵I am going to be testing out the sponge dry but I know that for most beauty sponges it is recommended that you wet them for a certain finish
👁I am trying straight out of the package
☺️ I am going to be using my full coverage so let's see how the sponge does
💦I feel like I want to wet the sponge in the future 
✨It feels nice and it applies all the product that you put on it on your face, so I will be using this sponge and seeing the way that it performs.
If you want to try this make sure you click the “I wanna try” button😍 if you like this video make sure to click like, comment anything that you may want me to try.  
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