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Keep your skin happy, day and night! ☀️🌃PrismPop Giveaway

Today's Giveaway: Win a YSL Pure Shot Night Reboot Serum 7ml Deluxe Sample!
Comment on these PrismPop posts with your general thoughts and your answer to the following question(s):
🧐How are your daytime and nighttime skincare routines different? What is your main focus for your daytime routine vs. nighttime? (example: more emphasis on hydration for daytime and more anti-aging products for nighttime)
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➡️ Dry Summer Skincare! ☀️ My review of all 4 Oh K! Tester Bag Masks 🎭 by Sovanna
➡️ Will This Night-time Skincare Routine {save} Your Skin from Pollution? by Tasmida

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  • Starlina Cruz

    Congrsts to all.😄

  • Kelly K

    Congrats Jannell!!!! So for my morning routine I wash my face then use toner, a good moisturizer with SPF, and then primer. At night I start by washing my face again. Then I use a over night serum, and then a night time moisterizer. In the morning I focus more on sun protection and hydration. At night it's more my other needs like anti aging. Hope everyone is having a awesome day! Have a great weekend!!!!

  • Naf

    Congrats Jannell!

  • Sherry Mashburn

    I would love to try this. My skin needs it bad

  • Rachna Sharma

    My day time and night time skin care is different because in the night I use a moisturizer and in the day I use a skin hydrated face cream.

  • tanie hinh

    I would love to try this brand

  • tanie hinh

    Me me meeer

  • Rukhsana

    my day time and night time skin care is different because in the night i use a moisturizing face cream and in the day i use a skin clearing face cream. in the day my focus is to treat blemishes and older pimples and in the night i use hydrating products so it can re hydrate my face from the day creams.

  • Kelli

    I need this so bad. I would love to win.

  • Bre Walker

    All of these products look awesome, would love to try and review.

  • Pauline

    Currently I don't regularly use a anti-aging product. My daytime and nighttime don't differ. I still cleanse my skin well then apply moisturizer. The only difference would be daytime Makeup applied with lip wearing and brow makeup always in the morning. Got to put on a happy face.

  • Rita Whirls

    This product would be great to win. I use Loreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Day Cream in the mornings and Loreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition at night. This keeps my skin moisturized. Congrats Jannell.

  • Terra Jager

    would love to win

  • Terra Jager

    would love to win

  • Lourdes Sisniega

    Your products are amazing hope I get the opportunity to try this product

  • natosha miller

    My daytime and nighttime skincare routines for each are not anyway different. However, I do sometimes get small samples and love to use them during the night time, where I feel the most relaxed to use. So my morning routine is deeply exfoliating with a cleanser like St Ives Apricot Scrub. Of course, using my spoon trick to remove the dead skin and getting rid of the old, dead grime of skin on top of my face. Now I use the scrub cleanser to get better and even more deeply clean. Afterward, using ponds lightening skin cream, love to use to brighten my face up and moisturize as well as soothe the new skin after the deep cleansing. Simple morning routine and yet in the evening I sometimes like to use those sample size products that I can test or try before I buy. So like I can do a face mask, use fun citrus peels for daily skincare and so much. However, on a regular basis, there really isn't much difference, I like to keep the same routine morning and night. So my focus for each is just hydrated for a long and lasting day and nighttime since my skin is very dry. Plus, nourishing and healthy for longterm repair.

  • Dawn Wright

    My daytime routine focuses on hydration and sun protection and my night time on dark circles under my eyes and aging!

  • Roula

    To be honest I don't have a consistent night routine for my skin as far as the cleansing part because simply I don't wear makeup every day... however I have a combination skin, mostly oily so for this yes I do have to clean my skin before I go to bed. I use cleansing milk and by Lancome but I also use other brands. What I like to apply after is my water base night cream that hydrates but also it absorbed nicely into my skin and is not greasy.

  • Drea Rahming

    My nighttime routine is more intense it about hydration repair double cleansing. My daytime routine is very simple mild cleanser or sometimes jut room temp water and lightweight moisturizer with SPF I live in Florida so SPF is huge to us. Also because I am always on the go I leave a heavier more steps routine to the night where I am not on a time constraint

  • Tho

    Yeah yeah, you go Jannell

  • Marlena Fannin

    Congrats Jannell 🙂!

  • Marlena Fannin

    Congrats Jannell 🙂!

  • Tamara Poole

    In the morning it's about light moisturizing and sun protection. At night I get a bit more involved....a mask or exfoliating product along w heavy moisturizing and anti aging products.

  • amber.jaye

    Never tried a YSL I bet it’s delectable on. The skin!

  • Amanda

    I be excited try this i always love sample products 😍