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Fun Makeup Look (even in quarantine!) 🦚 Peacock inspired

Hey, y'all! 
This look was inspired by a peacock drawing of my daughter's (*sadly she doesn't want me to share it here so I won't be). But she used about 12 different colors from bright blue to dark green with a splash of lime green thrown in. 
To achieve this look I used two of my favorite palettes, the Wet N Wild 40 palette and Barry M Cosmetics Wildlife palette Pangolin. I used four colors from the W&W 40 Palette and 3 from the Wildlife palette.

I started by applying the three teal tones across my entire lid. I literally just played them until I got the desired real coloring I was looking for. Staying lighter towards the brow line and a touch darker near the last line. I then went on and cover the lid from lash line to crease with the solid green, making sure it was nicely blended and even.
Next, I used the Hunted bright blue in the Wildlife palette to do the crease from the edge of my eye to just over halfway on my lid. I used the darkest green to line mine lash line on the bottom and top. Then went back to Forest on the Wildlife palette to do bottom lash line lighter. Lastly, I used the line green Defence in the Wildlife palette to create accents from the middle of my lower lash to the end of my eye giving it a slight wing to stop the color from my eyelid. Then added a line from the inner eye to the crease and then to just over where I stopped the bright blue mid eyelid.
While in the pic I used a lip gloss and mascara to finish the look of pictures, I easily wore this look with my mask after wiping off my lip gloss. It's amazing how many compliments I received telling me I never would have been so adventurous knowing I had to have a mask on, but I say go for it. Y'all are beautiful even wearing a mask!
I hope y'all enjoyed this look as much as I did. Let me know in the comments if y'all have decided to try either of these palettes. And as always let me know if you want to try it and love it by clicking those 😍💖 above and be sure to give me a follow for more fun looks!

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