🤑I purchased two shades of the KKW Beauty Liquid Concealers ($18 USD). The formula, packaging and shade match are perfect for me:

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Formula: The KKW Beauty liquid concealer has medium thickness about the formula that delivers medium to full coverage without looking caky or dry. The formula blends out effortlessly creating a veil under the eyes that evens out my darkness and brightens up my under eye area. I dont need to apply a lot of product to get the coverage I like, making this an excellent concealer formula.

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🎁Packaging: The KKW Beauty Liquid Concealers are housed in a thick plastic, transparent component with a flat doe foot applicator. I really like the packaging because it’s
(1) minimalistic
(2) transparent so you can see how much product is left and
(3) the doe foot applicator picks up enough product to coat each under eye. The stopper at the top of the component shaves off enough excess product allowing you to achieve a targeted application.

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🎨Shade Match: Shade 5 and 6 are both in the medium warm colour spectrum. While shade 6 is slighlty peachier than shade 5, I use them both to conceal my dark circles (shade 6) and then brighten up my under eye area (shade 5).

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💯Overall, these concealers are among my favorite. While I don’t need to use a lot, these will last me a long time and I’ll never get tired of using them. When paired with KKW Beauty’s brightening powder, I get the most flawless under eye. I did a more in-depth review with the KKW Conceal, Bake and Brighten kit linked here.
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