Klairs youthful Glow sugar mask 😍😍

I was so insanely excited when I received this in the mail a few days ago lol. If I haven’t mentioned it before I am a mask fanatic and when I laid my eyes on this mask my instincts told me I had to have it. It is a mechanical exfoliating mask that gives your skin a nice youthful glow. First impressions the packaging is pretty basic but sturdy. The mask itself has a nice solid dense butter like texture almost like a cleansing balm. It is actually recommended in the description that it can be used as a exfoliating cleanser or a face mask. The key ingredient for the exfoliation seems to be sugar particles. It also has a nice faint scent of strawberry πŸ“ or at least that is what I smelled while using it. The mask glides onto the skin and honestly you don’t need much to cover your entire face so this mask is certain to last a long time. I left the mask on for about 10 minutes and then massaged my skin for about sixty seconds then rinsed the mask off. I personally would rather use this as an exfoliating cleanser simply because I think the results come from the actual exfoliating itself and it would save on time rather than leaving the mask on for ten minutes but that is just my personal opinion. This mask does seem to be a bit abrasive. I thought it would be more gentle but the sugar particles aren’t as fine as I expected them to be. My skin did look a tad bit irritated once I washed the mask off but quickly subsided. I wouldn’t recommend using this mask frequently because of the abrasive nature. Personally I would use this mask once a week. Twice a week at most. But overall the end result was great. My skin did look more youthful and had a nice subtle glow to it. My skin felt soft and smooth. So it does deliver results just be cautious of how often you use it.

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  • Daisy

    Wonderful! Your skin looks amazing! 🌼🌼🌼

  • sally peabody

    Wonderful review you have beautiful skin. Yes to sugarcane it has benefits inside and out. it will help fight infections and even a fever ! On the skin it dissolves into an AHA. The sugar works as a surface exfoliator but as it breaks down it becomes a peel so I usually leave it on a bit longer to get both benefits. This looks very nice. Your reviews are written very well ! Thank you.