Knours 5: Double Duty Mist

Ok guys! This was the last product from the Knours Starter Kit, and I think it's genius!
❄️It's perfect for on the go and it's something a lot of us need in these winter days coming up! 
🌵It says to shake when you have dry skin
🙅🏻‍♀️If you have a lot of acne you should NOT shake it
💖This is such a cool thing that has uses for both people with dry and oily skin!
Hopefully, you guys enjoyed my Knours skin care product reviews, as much as I enjoyed trying them out!
Stay tuned for more reviews and of course, follow me to keep updated!
Here are all the links to my review of the Knours Starter Kit: 
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In-bed Cleansing Wipes 
@ElizaLovez 💗

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  • sally peabody

    I always have a mist in my purse. I use it once or twice a day. I have older skin and this is a must have for me...adds a bit of dew to my look. Wake up call to me. Great video and thank you !!

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