1 Minute Brow Method by DreamitDina!

Hey Prism Pop, I’m Dina and I’m going to show you how I do my quick brows! Using some of my favorite products!
Steps! 👇
1️⃣I use Kokie Brow Pomade Gel in “Blonde” along with this awesome Kelly Baker Brow Angle brush to dip into the product.
💡Pro tip: I like using a lighter shade for my brows to avoid that “too drawn on” look.
2️⃣ Cover that spoolie with product and comb through your brows!
3️⃣ Be sure to start at the top of your brow and pull up! This helps create that arch effect.
💭Final Thoughts: I LOVE this stuff because it actually stays on and it’s buildable no matter what it won’t look like you have a lot of brow makeup on!
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