😍 KUSH Mascara by Milk 😍

I love Mascara and right now I am feeling this brand. For me, a big part of what I choose to wear and buy comes from the ethos of the company -- this product is vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free -- so already I am more interested in supporting it than other mascaras. Hot tip -- don't trust a company that isn't kind to animals to be kind to you! ðŸ„ So many brands use chemcals that are toxic, and you are putting them directly on your body ðŸ˜­ Ok, rant over!
About this mascara...
✍🏼 Wand: Tree shaped and nice bristles -- clump free application.
👁 Vibe: Naturally voluminous and lit my eyes up
💭 Final Thoughts: Into this! Quality product. 
🎤 Song is "Nostalgia' by Doe Paoro (thats me ðŸ’…🏽  ) 
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