L'Oreal Matte High Pigment Lipgloss

Hi guys!!! So this is 1 of 3 shades that I try of this product. Mostly, because I really do love it. It's cheap, easy to use because of the slanted brush, and best of all it stays on even in my sweaty dance classes!
Let me know if you've ever used it or if you would actually go out and try it!
Thanks Prism Pop <3

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  • Andrea Filary

    This review makes me want to try it.

  • Amanda Lingle

    I love the price point of these lip glosses. As I said before that slanted brush is neat and I have nevered used a slanted brush for lip gloss before. I hate how many lip glosses wear off soooo fast. And with this one you said it last a long time. Plus a lip gloss with a matte finish is fantastic. Thanks.