Make Makeup Stay All Day - LA Girl HD Pro Setting Spray (affordable!)

Hi PrismPop! 👋 It's Christine here with another video to talk to you about my LA Girl Pro Setting Spray HD!
💖 I love my LA Girl Pro Setting Spray HD with long lasting matte finish! It's so refreshing!
☀️ It is how I make sure my makeup stays on all day! I never worry about my makeup coming off or smearing when I have this on my face. 
🍾 It is a small bottle with a pump spray. It goes on evenly and smoothly. 
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  • AngelaB2222

    I've been all about the setting sprays and primer sprays lately. This one is intriguing. I use Wet n Wild rose primer spray and Mario Badescu spray right now. And they're really good, but always ready to try more.

  • Amanda Lingle

    I need this! My daughters show choir competitions are coming up and they are an all day event. Makeup gets started super early in the morning and has to last til late at night. So this would be amazing for her to spray on her whole face full of makeup and not worry about it for the rest of the day. Going to for sure go get some today!!!!