Lancome Grandiose Mascara: Does a Swan-Neck Make a Difference?


Every time I pull out my Lancôme Grandiôse, I chuckle -- the brand trademarked swan-neck! But I also feel a sense of satisfaction at having another mascara I really like. That swan-neck™ wand, small brush, and the formula itself, have made my mascara moments better. It's even inspired a wee Lancôme Grandiôse mascara review video.

lancome grandiose mascara review video

I should tell you right off that I don't speak in the following Lancôme Grandiôse mascara review video. I put a few words across the bottom -- it's really not a complicated mascara, despite the above application diagram. And I don't use the mascara quite like these images suggest because my eyes aren't built that way, and I just don't have that many lashes. Here, have a look:

lancome grandiose mascara review video recap

6 reasons Lancôme Grandiôse mascara has made it to my short list of faves:

  1. As I point out in the Lancôme Grandiôse mascara review video, I don't need to use a lash curler first.
  2. The small brush does sections of lashes at a time so I get that nice fanned-out effect the mascara promises. (Longer and larger wands tend to push lashes together and pull them straight out unless you finesse the application a bit.)
  3. The swan neck somehow makes the wand easier to wield, and definitely makes crossing over the nose a no-smudge affair. Not that I've smudged my nose often with a straight wand. And it's not that a straight mascara wand is that hard to use. But there IS a subtle difference in the experience -- it is... easier.
  4. The mascara gives my lashes a nice curve that never droops.
  5. The Lancome Grandiose Mascara doesn't transfer onto my oily lids (I usually put a bit of MAC pressed Blot Powder on my lids when I do my makeup and rarely retouch).
  6. Now that I've had the mascara for a few weeks, its formula gives me really nice drama and volume. It's not quite as dramatic or volumizing as my Chanel Le Volume, but I like the Lancome Grandiose Mascara effect and it gets double points because I don't need a lash curler.

I did my lower lashes in that there Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara review video just to show how easy it would be to maneuver the wand and brush if I actually had lower lashes. The small brush is key -- it doesn't get mascara on the skin under my eyes. (Actually I got better lower-lash results from the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara formula, but frankly can't be bothered because it's an effort few cab rides allow.)

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