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Leaves The Skin Feeling Like Velvet: NYX Angel Veil Primer

NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer is a lightweight, oil-free primer that mattifies, smooths skin texture, and extends the wear of foundation. It can be worn alone to give a smoother look to the skin or as a primer to make foundation last longer. It costs about $16 for 1.02 fl. oz. / 30 mL and can be purchased from NYX and Ulta. I found mine at Fred Meyer and I expect other stores that carry NYX will probably be getting it shortly.
It only comes in this one shade. It would be nice to see a tinted version with a few different shades to choose from. In the very few reviews that are available (so far), I have read that one person with a deeper skin tone claimed that it left a white cast on her skin. I wouldn’t doubt that for one second – just take a look at the before/after photos below. You can see that the product did slightly lighten up my complexion.
On me, this really isn’t a big issue but for someone with darker skin this could really be a problem.The texture is not as slippery as some primers and it leaves the skin feeling like velvet. It’s very comfortable to wear because there is no greasy or heavy feeling to it. It spreads over the skin and blends in as easily as a moisturizer. I only need a thin layer to keep shine away and a slightly thicker layer where I want to blur pores. What it doesn’t blur are the blackheads on my nose and it doesn’t tone down redness or discoloration. If you have oily skin, the oil is probably still going to come through but for me it came through at a slower rate. Instead of looking like a grease ball by noon, my forehead was somewhat dewy in a way that looked healthy, not gross. I still had to blot around mid-afternoon but I appreciate any oil control I can get.
The one thing that I didn’t like so much about this product was that it didn’t work with all foundations. The one it worked best with was NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation – it blended out easily, looked smoother, and made it last significantly longer on me. The one it was worst with was Lorac POREfection Foundation – it made blending pretty hard, caused the foundation to pool in pores, and made the peach fuzz on my face really obvious.
Worth Buying?
I’m pleased with how this looks, especially on camera. It doesn’t offer any coverage but it does a really good job of toning down shine and a pretty good job of blurring pores. This is the first primer that has actually worked to give me some oil control on my forehead (the oiliest part of my face). Most primers work well to smooth out my skin but this one seems to slow the process of oil breaking down my foundation. Just be warned that it doesn’t work well with all foundations and might create a white cast on darker complexions.
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