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Let's get glowing and hydrTed with Chok Chok glowing moisturiser from

Hello Prismpop beauties sharing with you today a great beauty product from a great brand! Oh K Beauty Chok Chok Glowing moisturiser with Citrine.

About the brand: The brand Oh K Beauty is a Korean brand that has been successful since they launched in 2015.They are sulfate free and gluten free, suitable for vegans and not tested in animals. They have high performing products and playful packaging. Korea is known for the best skincare ingridients. Oh K Beauty establishes it self as a leading and highly coveted beauty brand.

Packaging: packaging is holographic colorful and fun. I love the round pink container the moisturiser is in. It has a seal under the lid to protect the ingridients from breaking down. It is plastic so if accidentally dropped it will not break. It is easy to store in cabinet or on shelf. It is easy to travel with, I don't have to worry about product leaking out and losing precious product or it getting on my belongings. 

Product, consistency and application: This is for the ultimate dewy makeup no makeup look. This moisturizer has vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid to perfect and plump the skin And super-charge your glow while locking in hydration.

Benefits: light weight  buildable moisturiser with a glowing pearlescent finish.

Shea Butter helps to retain moisture in the skin by creating a barrier to help to minimize evaporation.

Rapeseed oil has emollient properties And is a natural source of vitamin E. Dewy ultimate no makeup makeup look..

It's not to thick not to thin. Has a mild sweet scent. It's easy to apply a little goes a long ways.. It feels hydrating not oily. It melts right into my skin. It dries fast.  It does not leave an oily film.   It leaves a beautiful healthy glow to my skin. 

Final thought: I highly recommend this moisturiser to anyone. It does everything it claims to do. It is affordable. It's great for no makeup days when you  want your skin to look it's best but you don't want to wear makeup.  If you haven't tried it try this moisturiser you will be love it. Pamper uour self you deserve it.

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  • Karlee

    What a great post! You explained everything awesome! I really do love this moisturizer! Also, love the price of it!

  • Myshell

    Awesome post Stef !! That Prismpop bag was bomb , I think the moisturizer was my favorite I love how well it worked on my fine lines and wrinkles