Let’s get the fluffy brow of your dreams!

Hello ya beautiful human beans! 


We’re talking eyebrows today. Looking for a fluffy/natural looking bold brow? 


I gotchu. 


Products used: 


🙌🏼 NYX Micro Brow Pencil - (I love the shade Ash Brown) It's hecka affordable and has the perfect texture for long lasting and natural looking brows. Not too soft, not too dry. Just right!


🙌🏼 Ardell Stroke-A-Brow - It’s a semi-translucent brow marker and it’s genius. Use the LIGHTEST of hands and you’ll achieve a real brow-hair effect. It really adds dimension and hyper-realism to any eyebrow look. 


Practice makes progress and our eyebrows are no exception! Keep practicing and I hope you enjoyed this quick review/toot! 


Let me know below if you’d like to see more of my holy grail products. I like to keep it affordable, accessible, and approachable! 


😍 and click “I’d like to try” to let us know you’d like to play with any of these products! 


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