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Let’s Set Things Straight…Makeup’s Gotta Last 🧐Daily Giveaway

Comment on Ruba and Laurien’s posts on PrismPop with your general thoughts and your answer to the following question:
What’s your favorite setting spray and why do you like it? (Fit your skin type? long-wearing? Natural finish?)

‼️‼️CLICK TO THE LINKS BELOW, commenting on this post does NOT qualify 😘. Only comments that answer the question qualify:
Mac Prep and Prime Setting Spray gets me 📸 camera ready - by Ruba
Set your make up straight - by Laurien

👑Winner will be announced December 14th @ 6pm🍁
Winner from the last giveaway is.....(drum roll) 🥁
Tracey Parnell
Congrats and check your coins for your 10,000 💰

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