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Hello everyone, and welcome to all my new followers! I've tried to respond to everyone who gave a suggestion or thought to my previous post (thank you PrismPop for featuring it!!)

Today is something a bit different.I haven't been too into making up my face (who has lately?) So I wanted to try a new face mask! This mask is the Midflower Pure Series Hyaluronic acid Moisturizing mask! As you can see, there are lots of hydrating ingredients listed, so I'm excited for this to give me the bit of refresh that I need. 

Masks are ALWAYS too.. large?long? misshapen? They don't fit my face well.. lol but I think I did good fitting it.

I noticed a nice cooling affect about halfway through (very relaxing!) and plenty easy to put on. There is LOTS of product on this mask, so be careful when you open/unfold this.

Upon removing the mask, I massaged in the rest of the product and I'll say, my face was/is REALLY smooth after it! The product absorbed VERY quickly, so I'm led to believe plenty got in the skin. I did notice (on pics) my skin appeared smoother, and less deep wrinkles (mostly my forehead). I think this would DEFINITELY be a good base to start/continue with when doing a skincare routine or just once in a while for that lift! 

What kind of facemasks have you tried? What have you liked/not liked? Let me know!! :) 

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  • Susan Cain

    Awesome review Christy, great indepth detail. Whenever I'm trying to decide on which mask to buy, I always check out the ingredient list to see where hyaluronic acid is placed. It's my all time favorite skincare ingredient and if hyaluronic is one of the first 5 ingredients... it goes into my cart😊