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KidKidsKIDS, and K.I.D.S. may refer to:


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Film and television


  • Kid Sampson, in the novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
  • Kid, in the 1978 film Jubilee played by Adam Ant
  • Ward "Kid Galahad" Guisenberry, in the 1937 film Kid Galahad
  • Kid (Chrono Cross), in the PlayStation role-playing game Chrono Cross
  • Kid Flash, name of several DC Comics characters
  • Eustass 'Captain' Kid, in the manga One Piece
  • Kaito Kid ("Phantom Thief Kid"), in the manga Magic Kaito
  • Death the Kid, commonly referred to as Kid, in the manga Soul Eater
  • Kid, in Bastion, an Xbox 360 Arcade/PC game
  • Kid, in Jak II video game


  • KID (AM), in Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States
  • KWFI-FM, a radio station (96.1 FM) licensed to serve Aberdeen, Idaho, which held the call sign KID-FM from 1965 to 1989 and from 1992 to 2018
  • KIDS (FM) (88.1 FM), a radio station licensed to Grants, New Mexico, U.S.

Science and technology



  • Kid Baldwin (1864–1897), American Major League Baseball catcher
  • Kid Carsey (1870–1960), professional baseball player from 1891 to 1901
  • Kid Durbin (1886–1943), American Major League Baseball player
  • Kid Elberfeld (1875–1944), American Major League Baseball player
  • Kid Gleason (1866–1933), American Major League Baseball player and manager
  • Kid Nichols (1869–1953), American Major League Baseball pitcher


  • Kid Azteca (1913–2002), Mexican boxer
  • Kid Chissell (1905–1987), boxing champion, actor, and dance marathon champion
  • Kid Chocolate (1910–1988), Cuban boxer during the 1930s
  • Kid Diamond (born 1977), boxer in the Lightweight division
  • Kid Galahad (boxer) (born 1990; Abdul Bari-Awad), British boxer
  • Kid Kaplan (1901–1970), Russian-born American boxer
  • Kid McCoy (1872–1940), American boxer
  • Kid Murphy (1899–1945), early ring name of American boxer Jack Bernstein, born John Dodick
  • Jack Kid Berg (1909–1991), English boxer Judah Bergman
  • Jack "Kid" Wolfe (1895–1975), American boxer, first junior featherweight world champion
  • Ted "Kid" Lewis (1894–1970), English boxer Gershon Mendeloff

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