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💄The Plushies have a non-opaque, soft focus formula enhances natural lip color. One coat will give you the ‘my-lips-but-better’ effect, or you can layer them for more intensity.
🍓Scent - They have a berry scent and the formula is so light that you’ll forget that you’re wearing anything.
Application & Wear - They’re long wearing, they fade evenly and once they dry down, they’re smudge proof. I love how they let just a hint of your natural lip color peek through but unfortunately that doesn’t translate well for arm swatches. On my fair skin, ‘sheer’ looks ‘patchy’. But I swear to you that they look beautiful on the lips!
🎨I like the majority of these colors but my favs are Milk Tea, Rosebud, Turkish Delight and Lavender Honey. You know, all the boring pinky nude colors.
❤️ I def prefer a natural, comfortable formula like this over mattes so I’m loving these babies! As I mentioned, I had a hard time swatching them because they’re sheer but that hint of your natural lip color peeking through looks so pretty! The dark colors looked the most patchy on my arm but I’d imagine the opposite would be true for deeper skin tones.

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  • Amanda Lingle

    The lids on these are just 2 cute. The little bears just bring me back to makeup when I was younger. The colors that they come in are beautiful. I love that they have a berry scent to them. That reminds ms of the lip smackers. Being smudge proof is an amazing quality for these to have.

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