Love these - my thoughts on the color club tester bag from PrismPop 💅

This is my very first PrismPop tester bag, thanks. I wasn't one of the lucky ones that got a holographic bag but I'm not complaining because it's the product that matters. I was really excited when I got these to test because I love painting my nails and trying different brands and colors. It came with 5 different colors ranging from light to dark.

They are square-shaped glass bottles and very durable, I know because I accidentally dropped mine on the floor when I was getting off the couch and it didn't break. I also like that the labeling is very clean without a whole bunch writing all over it focusing on being able to see when you're running low. I also think the names are cute and fit with the shades.

The scent of the lacquer was not overpowering like some I've used and it doesn't linger. The texture was different than I'm used to, it's a bit thinner but it goes on very easy and smooth. It also dries quickly, about 5 - 7 minutes depending on how many coats to put on. When it was time to remove the lacquer from your nails, it came off easily except for the Yes, of Quartz, I had to scrub it off.

The first one I tried was Yes, of Quartz and yes, of quartz I loved it. It is a light pinkish shimmery/glittery iridescent color. It only requires one coat and depending on the lighting it can look a little different. I also put a coat over the Feeling Under the Weather to give both of them a new look.

The second one I tried was Cobbler Gobbler because that was the one my son told me to try next because he liked the color, orange is his favorite color. It's a bright, not bright in your face bright, and fun color and reminds me of Spring and Summer. It required two coats, didn't like how it looked with only one because it looked a little streaky.

The third one I tried was Feeling Under the Weather and the color matched its name, it's a light blue with a tad of a grey look. One coat works but I think it looked better with 2 coats. 

The fourth one I tried was Matte-erial Girl and it's like a gold, copper, brown color and reminds me of fall. If you don't like shiny nails, this one is for you but if you like the shiny look, all you have to do is add a clear topcoat. It only required one coat. It's one that would be great in the fall.

The last one I tried was Martian, Martian, Martian and that color was my least favorite of the five, it is a nice color though. It's a deep green color and reminds me of Christmas trees. It only requires one coat.

I love this nail lacquer, easy to use, quick to dry, and didn't chip. I went on their website and there are a ton more colors to choose from and at a price range of $5 to $9 is great. I also like that I can purchase them at Walmart or directly through Color Club and earn points with their reward program to earn coupons. 

I definitely recommend and can't wait to try other shades.

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  • Rose Katz

    🥰🥰These are really pretty nail polishes. I really like the pink shimmery one. I am always looking for nail polishes that don't take a million coats to get the shimmery shine to it. This was a great review. Thanks!🥰🥰

  • Kelly K

    Great review. I have to admit I'm so jealous though. My 10 yr old Autistic daughter wanted one so bad and was heartbroken that we weren't selected. Poor thing!!! Oh well. Love those colors. Congrats on getting chosen!🦄

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Great review!! You shared a lot for the same opinions as me. The cobbler gobbler and feeling under the weather were both more thin to me, and needed second coats. But cobbler gobbler is gorgeous as an accent color for lines, dots, or stamping. My favorite was your least favorite, haha, and I'm not a green fan at all. I was pleasantly surprised with how they applied and how quickly they dried. I didn't start to see chipping for 5 days (with no base or top coat). Definitely will be buying lots more colorclub shades. Haha. Stay safe!