Love this hydrating face mask!

This mask comes in a single use package 1 hydro gel mask 1 package very easy to use just either rip the top off or you could use scissors to trim the top off once you remove the mask from the package you will notice plenty of good hydrating fluid once you remove the paper backing and smooth it on your skin you will notice it will fit perfectly without leaving any bumps where air can get under. It has a nice clean fresh fragrance not to strong or overpowering this mask really forms to you now just sit back and relax for 15 once 15 minutes has passed you peel off the mask and toss in the trash. Now gently pat the remaining liquid in your face DO NOT WASH OFF! I definitely recommend this to everyone, it inexpensive and a really great quality! You can find this and other neutrogena products at Walgreens, target, Walmart and even on neutrogenas site! Not a bad deal for under 5 dollars!

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  • Laury Dencklau

    Thanks for the review

  • Heather Hogan

    Awesome...I didn’t know they had a mask too. I use their Hydro Boost face moisturizer. For my poor dry Oregon face, it is one of the only one that works. I will for sure look for this mask to try. It looks so heavenly!

  • Sarah

    This mask is totally worth it been using for 3 consecutive weeks now and can really see difference