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🌈❀ Love With Pride - Rainbow Eyeshadow Look with Glitter ✨

My Favorite palette right now is the Bhcosmetics 'It's my RayeRaye'! It comes in a beautiful rose gold palette frame with a mirror inside. This palette has 15 beautiful seamless shades that all have cute trendy names. It is full of bold matte colors and shimmering glitter shades that give you a nice foil finish. The pigmentation on both shimmer & matte shadows are noticeable right away with one swipe. You can build up the pigmentation even MORE which I always like in a palette. 
This palette can be used to create any type of look you desire. If your into soft glam, everyday looks or bold & dramatic. I like to use it to mainly do my soft glam. But I created this rainbow look because the colors are definitely up my alley and the time is very fitting "PRIDE month" the glitters are very nice once set on the lids. 
This palette was purchased from Tjmaxx at the price of $10. You can always find a great deal on makeup at your local Tjmaxx or Ross. This palette is not like some palettes, the glitter comes out with actual pigment and not just glitter pieces. And the shadows are not just bright for the show - they apply with one swipe. 
I love creative looks when it comes to rainbows! I'm working on my photography & creativity skills as well. Taking clear pictures and videos has always been a hassle. I use my android phone, but hey it suits me very well I must say. And I used a photo editing app to help the photo out. People with Android phones always get bashed. We have to start somewhere right?! But no matter what I will succeed in capturing my best work! There are plenty of apps and setting that make pictures stand out just like the best of the best. I will be working on a new camera to upgrade a bit. If you want to be great, you must invest in your dream and yourself!!
What palettes do you use for creative colors? And what camera do you use to capture your moments..phones, cameras?

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