Loving my PrismPop Skin care bag

I enjoyed trying out this bag of skin care. 

The Niu Body Lip Scrub is moisturizing, smoothing and has a great scent.

The Byroe Rice Cleansing Sorbet Is amazing. It has a great scent, easy to use and cleanes your face of impurities so nicely while also leaving your face hydrated.

The Byroe Salmon Cream is such a good cream if you need some moisturization and vibrancy for your dull skin.

The Byroe Bitter Green Essence Toner is so nice. It smells like a garden and eased the redness in my face while giving me a younger feel.

The Byroe Bell Pepper Serum is great for skin prone to drying. It helped my skin stay hydrated and healthy looking.

The Byroe Tomato Serum was so good for reducing the redness in my skin while giving it a nice glow.

The Feather & Bone Face Gems Face Wash was just not for me. 

I enjoyed adding these products into my skin care routine and getting a feel for things that help the areas I need to focus on. I recomend these products to anyone who wants to feel clean, smooth, hydrated and visably soft. This has been by far my favorite skin care trial.

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