Mac Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara

I am such a fan of the normal Extended Play mascara. Specifically for my bottom lashes. So I had to get my hands on the Mac Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara.
Formula - The original has a dinkier brush, but the formula is the same. It doesn’t budge or flake, and its super separating. It’s also not too much of a bitch to get off! For some, it works on their top lashes top, but not on my boring straight ones. However the new one does.

Applicator - The spoolie is bigger, fluffier and curved. It works really well coating and elongating the lashes. It gives a fair amount of volume too. But the big thing for me? It holds a curl. All day long. Mac-Extended-Play-Perm-Me-Up-Lash-Mascara-2019-03-27-at-20.36.07.jpeg
👎Drawback - Unfortunately for me personally, the brush doesn’t work as good as the original on my bottom lashes. The formula does, but I just can’t get the definition  with the bigger fluffier brush. Kind of gutted. I thought I was on to a money saving winner. However I think I’m still destined to keep buying the original too.
🤑It’s good to note, that the OG is 5.7 grams. Whereas the new one comes with 8 grams of product for a pretty identical price point.
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