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Hey there and happy Wednesday to you! The MAC Get Blazed Collection launches April 11th online and in select MAC locations and I’ve got a nice sampling of the super sparkly, metallic collection for you today.
👍 If bling is your thing then this collection might be for you! Seriously, it’s a very shimmery (aka messy) bunch of stuff. 
🎁The packaging for all the items are a dazzling holographic. The lipsticks are in silvery blue holographic boxes while the rest are in warm-toned gold holographic boxes. 
🎨The eyeshadows in particular are very pigmented, but most definitely prone to fallout. 

🎨The highlighters less so, and they are gorgeous! The lip toppers are really pretty and can be worn on their own or over something else, so pretty versatile.  
🎨The Liquid Lipcolours are very pigmented and prone to staining. For example, the shade Commotion Motion is a super bright pink with super shiny metallic. This shade is no joke with major staying and staining power! 💋💋
⚠️FYI Commotion Motion (see a lip swatch on my IG) totally stained my lips and it took me a ton of oily product to remove it. So that is both good and bad I guess!

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  • Jacqueline

    I really would like to get these I have a lot of eyeshadow already in mac i like a lot i would really like to try the lipgloss i used to have some i can see they change there style i will have to go and get some again thanks for showing me the new stuff they have

  • Melissa Griffith

    Those eye shadow singles are calling to me to buy them.lol

  • Cassandra

    This collection looks amazing! The colors are stunning!


    This doesn't sound like something I'd want to deal with.. Messy is not my thing..

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